As I walked down the hill on Tenth Street between the tall sunflowers I felt a surge of life as I looked at the sun and the clouds. It was very hot but I was enjoying the day as I talked to myself and admired the bright flowers, the green grass, and the birds. Honey bees were everywhere, but so were yellow jackets that could sting and leave you screaming for an hour. There was so much activity between all these critters that I sat down to examine it closer. That's when I saw a huge purple and orange butterfly come tumbling down right next to me. It was dying but at the time I did not know why. I picked it up to lay it on my lap and see if I could help it survive. As I looked closely at my new friend I felt a great sadness as if he or she had been my own family. While pondering its fate someone spoke to me but not in a loud voice, more as if in my mind or soul. "You take great pity on a butterfly which has lived out its life, but you are soft on the killing of babies, which never had a life." I sat their stunned as I thought on the meaning of this.

I realized that he was right I had become like all those I made fun of, the ones who stopped a dam because of a fish, or closed off part of a state because of a flock of ducks or geese but never gave thought to the millions of aborted children. Billions of dollars were being spent to save the whales, dolphins, and manatees, but no one spent money on the babies that were being aborted each year. Even plants were being saved from extinction by saving their seeds, lions and tigers were being protected along with elephants and rhinos, while in a laboratory the unborn children were being flushed down a toilet. The only specie that has no protection is the human species which has been devalued to a lower level than the dogs and cats of this society.

Dogs are treated with such kindness here; they even have a foundation for the pit bulls Hicks left behind. They got fine homes while the human got put in a hole. The people were outraged by the treatment of these dogs while looking the other way on abortions and the treatment of millions of babies. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are in the bank for the survival of these dogs. Others have left great fortunes to their pets. But no one has left a fortune for the protection of the unborn or built a foundation for the greatest creation of all, humanity, God's creation. Every person conceived is so important and special to our heavenly Father that He gave up his own Son so that every one of those who should have come into the world would have had life and an abundant life.

The voice went on telling me about my family's values, how we were so kind to even the fish that we sometimes refuse to eat them out of pity, but would not think twice about aborting a child, which we had. "Did Jesus die for the redwood trees, or the salmon, dogs or cats, panthers or eagles for which you could get five years of federal time if you killed one?" I once again reflected on what was being said, five years for killing a panther or sea turtle which has no value when compared to a baby that is in the image of God. When had a person become less valuable than a panther or eagle or even a turtle?

Was it the argument that it is not alive until such and such a time, but I thought, when is a tree a tree or at what moment is a salmon a salmon? Or, that this is not the time, we cannot afford it, might be the mother had been raped or molested, or worse that the child is abnormal? I did not have an answer, I only knew how He looked at it, and that He always made a way, He had made a way for me.

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