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Author: Jacintha Morris

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City: Trivandrum | State: Kerala state

About Me: Working Senior Accountant in the office of the Accountant General Kerala, Trivandrum. Interested in Writing. Have published 8 books already. Love gardening and community service and Charitable activities. Active member of literary orga

Articles by Jacintha Morris:
  • Poem : PASSION OF A FOLLOWER ( 2029 reads)   

    The subject taken from Bible. when Jesus Christ was condemned to be crucified and was led carrying a heavy cross towards Golgotha, a lady named Veronica though meek at heart could not control her grief and expressed her passion by coming forward to Christ and gave her towel to wipe the face amidst the abuse of the Jewish soldiers. - Category: Others
  • POEM : AGEING GRACEFULLY ( 3485 reads)   

    We have always heard that we should not ask the age of persons directly especially of artists. The statement strengthens when it comes to female. To be precise none likes to get old and hear others say so. The marketing of cosmetics has zoomed up for retention of youth code by the old. Hence here is a different poem where getting old or the process of ageing is accepted gracefully. - Category: Writing
  • Poem: A BOVINE TRAGEDY ( 2147 reads)   

    While driving through National High way a very pathetic scene was engraved in my heart which paved way for this poem later. A truck tightly packed with aged cows and bullocks were driven to slaughter house. somehow i felt the herd were looking at me pleading or otherwise asking me to write this so that the world may know what they had to say. This poem was written several years back and I preserve - Category: Writing
  • POEM: 'My Man' ( 4291 reads)   

    Its the dream of every own a man as her own fulfilling all her wishes. often it doesn't work out straight. In this poem MY MAN the spouse is highlighted in such a way that it look odd and finally the last stanza reveals the suspense. - Category: Writing
  • EDEN ON EARTH ( 2831 reads)   

    If we want we can create Eden on Earth. In other words earth can be turned into heaven. A little bit of hard work, sacrifice, unselfishness and compassion towards the fellow being and the community on the whole can do wonders. - Category: Others
  • FROG FRIEND .. ( 2055 reads)   

    A real incident transformed into a poetic story. Friends are like our own body parts, attached. And detaching a true friend is like amputation of an essential part of our body. Without friends life is meaningless.. - Category: Others
  • Is God's Own Country Devil's Abode ( 2098 reads)   

    Making heaven a Hell is not at all difficult. Two simple aspects can leave us awe struck agreeing that our place is indeed God's own country. One, when we travel by train from Gujarat or Rajasthan through Andhra Pradesh. The train has to cover more than hundred kilometers to reach a station. - Category: Writing
  • Poems: Incredible Rebirth ( 2295 reads)   

    Spraying colors to imagination creates Eden - Category: Writing
  • Are Pazhassi Rajas Extinct ( 1854 reads)   

    The ardent patriotism expressed during olden times in becoming extinct. History is a vast ocean of treasure. The deeper one digs the more knowledge one derives. Present generation should be grateful to the historians and writers of past who have captured the pictures of life and rule of kings either by words or writings unlike the present hi-tech measures prevalent, which can even take us to space though we are in our room. - Category: Others
  • Joy in Fall ( 2297 reads)   

    The egoistic nature of people reflected to such height that it hinders even the progress of nation. People rejoicing the fall of others, or in other words waiting for the downfall of others,even if it is detrimental to the community. - Category: Writing
  • Unhealthy Imitation ( 2367 reads)   

    Imitating others in an healthy way is progressive but unhealthy imitation causes disaster. - Category: Writing
  • New Year Poem 'I Wish' ( 2195 reads)   

    A NEW YEAR POEM as to what should I be and what can be this new year. - Category: Writing

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