My Man is a Man who does things,
Sees that; life rolls without broken links,
When hectic matters piles, he's on wings,
I needn't borrow as enough he brings.

In distress I turn for solace - He's God,
For my silly whims and nags he gets mad,
Strong arms in embrace; broad shoulders to lean-
makes me forget the turmoil I have been.

With me gentle teases; with kids little pranks,
An ideal spouse; a father strong and frank.
When tensions crops up for My Man,
He seeks my advice; for he knows I can.

His presence so pleasant; absence a vacuum,
Bliss and blues together we consume.
Forefront he stood; protecting me from foes,
Placed me high; his transparent heart could hold.

Precious moments spared; nibble peanuts and stare-
the blazing sun set at sea shore; together in flair.
His soothing voice and non alcoholic breath,
Made me wish; my life could grow in length.

Not just homely; but a great entertainer,
Charitable at heart; close with GOD.
Instrument of peace; asset to the society,
Lover of art- encouraging all; known in the community,

Hey dear folks any doubt about My Man?
Have you seen this great My Man?
For My Man is only a "Dream Man",
Wish of every women; who owns a real Man.

Jacintha Morris A,
Welfare Assistant,
AG's Office,Tvm
(Mob: 9895278001)

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