Though the sea is rough, wide and fierce once it reaches the shore its sends silvery ripples as waves so gentle as though it has fallen in love with the shore. waves comes again and again to caress the shore and shares wonderful tales of the sea


Tales- Sea told Shore


Surfing fearfully it roared in might
Soaring high, tossing wild
Wide across the globe it flows
Yet! so gentle when at shore

Gurgling, crooning bubbles of love-
To the shore, not fierce anymore
Urge to share tales of all kind
The sea's love for shore

Blends little waves that care
On and again it caresses and says
Strange tales not yet shared
Shore drank every word it heard

Voluminous blue whales moves like rock
Sharp toothed sharks that swallow all
Walrus wades, looks land animal like
Dolphins so huge but gentle and kind
Octopuses with tentacles, churns its prey
All great tales sea told shore

Star fish that forms galaxy in sea
Sea horse that gallop with twisted tail
Jelly fish that floats as transparent ice
Sea urchin that pierce like desert thorns
Crabs with tongs that holds strong
All strange tales sea told shore

Mackerel, sear fish, mullet and lobster
Sardines, tuna, squid and shrimps
All turned into delicacies at shore

Swims in shoals free at sea
Colourful corals, pearls and shells
Lie embedded, as treasure house
All magnificent tales sea told shore.

Boats and ship wrecks lies buried
Skeletons of captain, crews and others
Fish eaten bodies, victims of tsunami-
Cyclonic waves, surprise high tides
Bloated bodies those ended life
All sad tales sea told shore.


Jacintha Morris
Accountant General's Office

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