A small gesture from an husband towards his wife within the church spoke a hundred things. The gesture happened in a Spiral shaped church in a village.

The Gesture

Spiral shaped church, Creator and Angles
Carved above, on ceiling above alter,
Not as usually fixed in walls.

It shown as sky, stars scattered, clouds floating
Seemed, God himself appearing for the banquet.
Stairs on either side to climb upstairs
From there, priest and alter-boys clearly seen
Couples with toddlers climbed up

Hence the little ones can run around
Tid -bits and toys they shared, as at fair
Mothers with soft huge bulgy bags
Like the kangaroos leather pouch

Stacked with nappies, milk and sweets
Fathers often carried the babes
As though it is part of the game
Gently did a couple climb

With a six month old, soft and cool
Bright round moon face, scanty hair
When firm arms held it jumped in might
Finally to fall asleep on nappy spread

The priest's voice boomed within the dome
Morals and advice minced with realities
But the little babe slept as at home
Its little rosy lips parted

Like flower partially bloomed
The father of the babe in a casual way
Gentle took the mother's arm in his palm
Unaware of the crowd around

A gesture so common and normal to all
Spoke a hundred things at heart
"The oath I have taken is not forgotten
I am proud that you carried our babe
In your womb a weight I couldn't share
Now I am here for you with care
A shade to rest and trunk to lean"

"The stretch marks or loose fats
Pregnancy has levied as tax
Shall not diminish the love I have
I give you my strength and life
To groom a family tree of ours"


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