Anything which lives and breathes and has got their five senses running does imitate what they see, hear or feel. Imitating habit if channelized through an apt regular flow can chisel away the sharp edges tuning to a better personality. Like that of a daughter trying to imitate the motherly qualities of neatness, discipline, honesty, housekeeping or any other talent like gardening, culinary, and interior decoration. That is placing the parents, teachers or any other person of liking as Role Model. We have often heard people remark at children that they are the "Carbon Copy" of their parents not merely in appearance but also in their very behavior. Thus the saying "Like father like son" or Like mother like daughter" is widely heard. But then the damage caused by unhealthy imitation can be horrid, awesome and quizzical. Imitation is otherwise a mimic. Mimic has become the centre core in the field of comedy programme since a decade. Mimicking the past heroes or villains' bloomed as the greatest entertainment, hence the real inborn creative talent has crumpled like a half bloomed bud.

Let's see the in-depth of distasteful imitation. It is a known fact that women get clasped into the clutches of imitation than men. When they see someone attired in a new kind of dress, ornament, hairstyle or face makeup immediately it is cyclostyled. The tentacles are spread even to the purchase of similar type of House hold gadgets to Toiletries ignoring the affordability, utility or quality. If a slim, tall, fair damsel wears a bright colored new kind of dress, can a fat, short, and dark complexioned person imitate it? Isn't the scene a comic of unawareness? Often the imitator is not aware about the consistency of funds. The neighbor might be a person who may be having a flow of 3 monthly income in the family whereas the imitator just one. Envy is also funny when it exposes the attitude of persons who imitates the other, as in most cases the imitator might be an enemy of the host deemed as source factor.

The psychological aspect is that the imitator in fact has placed their enemy in their heart as role model but cannot cope with them personally and just keep on adopting all that they can be cyclostyled. The hormone of envy is so think that it can blind facts to any extent until total destruction incur. This habit has grown to such uncontrollable quizzical way that, when an artistic person places a rock carved idol in the garden to enhance the beauty, the imitating neighbor who is a stray dog lover places the statue of Lord Sri. Krishna molded in plaster of Paris in the lawn amongst the dogs. Not aware of the piety of the statue, the dogs break the new found toy's neck. The imitator does not hesitate to wind a tape around the neck of the statue like that of a spondilitis aid collar and places it back in the lawn. Imagine the plight of the passer by's and other neighbors to take the role of silent witnesses, when the next day they find the statue broken into hundred bits by the dogs who was let to play with the toy again. Let's be grateful to the patience of God.
Jacintha Morris
Welfare Assistant
AG'S Office

About Author / Additional Info:
As an active social worker, interacting with many has enriched my knowledge the positive and negative elements working in human nature. The above article is true. Hope it will widen the knowledge of others also as to know the weird ways of imitating.