Two simple aspects can leave us awe struck agreeing that our place is indeed God's own country. One, when we travel by train from Gujarat or Rajasthan through Andhra Pradesh. The train has to cover more than hundred kilometers to reach a station. So hours together we will be forced just to focus upon dry, rocky, dusty bare land without any trace of water or greenery. Finally when the train creeps into a station we see vendors clasping lifeless stuffed mongoose, squirrels or birds for sale, to earn their daily bread. When the passengers disapprove of the infectious showpiece they tend to begging. We can also see women folk carrying half filled bamboo basket of different unfamiliar cactus-fruits, wild berries etc to be sold for an income. We get the musky odor of unwashed dry brown hair, clothes and body due to the scarcity of fresh water and natural lakes.
We heave a sigh of relief when we reach Kerala Border to view once again like the master piece of a great creative artist on a canvass, scene of paddy fields, lakes, and clean clad people with oiled combed hair converting the sultry feeling into a cooling effect.

The second scene is what we see from an aircraft about to land in God's own country. The sandy beach, Long green strip of palm trees , Aqua blue sea with silver outline of waves stirring ripples of exhilarations in our hearts discarding the admiration we have felt so far for the metropolitan city lying behind. If so what's wrong with the place?

Recently on Republic day celebration while rendering the Republic day message and honouring the meritorious persons, an official of high rank who had worked in other countries commented, "Everything is great in our land but then "SOMETHING IS MISSING". What's that Something? To trace and remove that Something, Is it like the difficult process a scientist experiences in case he tries to remove the entire Melanin content present in human beings of dark skin so that they can be converted into fair complexioned one permanently. Otherwise is it that our people are experiencing a sort of boredom with all the comfort and facilities and want to trigger the factor of discomfort to utilize their energy overcoming it? All agree that it is a path or road that links anyone's abode, office or any other place of destination. Without a path no one can move. Then why least attention is given to set the path right? The roads once dug for cable duct work, water pipe line connection or any other repair work is never replaced intact, giving rise to accidents, blockades and damage to vehicles. One department blames the other and waits with utmost patience to see who will take the restructuring work. Even the nearby residents, shop owners or others never bother however deep the dungeons are, but are ready to go down into the pit and climb up waiting for the concerned authority to mend. And the attitude of the authority is surprising. They may repair it when they feel like, or do it half and half; very often they just ignore it. Procrastination is not anymore a sin like Mahatma Gandhi's policy. The funniest part is that any vehicle coming straight in that narrow path of ruffle just wants to cross the opposite vehicle, not caring of any damage which might occur to the other, keep side or move backwards. For them reverse gear means going backwards in life. The middle men are left to wonder with unanswered questions. "Isn't there a higher authority to check and supervise the work? " The answer is simple. Cold war between the Ruling and the Opposition. Progress is not welcome by the opposition unless they are the Ruling.

Stories reveal that devils are cursed form of angles outcast from heaven. Since they wanted a similar place to reside they selected earth. And no doubt most of them might have glided to our beautiful land. Now the situation has risen to such height that however defeat an organization gets, their pride don't allow them to accept it, instead they wave the rotten carcass of the Goliath what they felt they were once, trying to evoke fear. And we are forced to be the spectators tongue tied, shackled to watch the reality show that of a innocent person including those of high rank easily listed as criminals and one with a crime file being posted as a recruiter for the placement of clean hands. Are all the prisoners kept in custody are real culprits and those moving freely after innocent verdict really clean? Everything counts on evidence, and true evidence can be twisted, removed or destroyed. Is the saying One in Thousand of rare quality fighting for justice being erased as the feeling God's own country getting conquered by devil is strongly felt. People started losing faith in Government and Judiciary. What the Westerners shed is warmly greeted here. Now the message given by the officer is clear. Unless we do something to fill the gap of that SOMETHING MISSING. We are going to miss Everything.

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