There is nothing greater than life in Earth. The vacuum constituted by the absence of any kind of life is painful and unfilling; as the philosophers have already mentioned that every living beings creation is done with a mould and it is destroyed after that particular life starts to breath. Though every living being knows that death is inevitable, he thrives as though he is immortal. Had one person given a second thought that his days are countable in this earth, and whatever possession he owns cannot be carried forward after death he would not have spent half of his life span trying to harm others and accumulating wealth.

These days even children of primary class learn the meaning of family and the different sub sects of a family emerging from immediate family to extended family, natural parents, foster parents etc. those are the theory part. When we talk about the real family life, we know it has many complexities. The cropping up of Family Courts everywhere and the number of divorced persons in the society proves it. Right from the day of evolution a male and female of every species unite to leave back their blood and flesh as new generation to the ever continuing Mother Earth. From times memorable, it is our Indian tradition a nuptial ceremony is performed with much grandeur to unite a couple. Often it is the parent's choice of life partner for their children. Though in Swayamvara, the bride is allowed to select her choice, the prospective bridegrooms invited for that function were special invitees from different kingdoms and proving themselves their valiance. And their profile is read out loud while introducing.

Nowadays, people are left in a dilemma as to whether such huge amount need to be expended for a wedding, as the couple united opts for Divorce within no time. Philosophers state that it is rather absurd to force a couple to spend the rest of their lives with a person who may change due to any circumstances and detest the company of the spouse. A person who is getting married at 20's may realize at 40's that it was a mistake to go for such a choice. A state comes that nothing new or interesting exists in their spouse anymore. Brain has a tendency to grasp, learn and possess new things. Boredom is detested. Since the society never accepts polygamy, illegal relationship continuous to exists in a secretive way among 75% of the family members. They choose to develop an intimacy much strong and better with others either as healthy relationship or for their total relaxation.

If we go in search for the changes in the family which has loosened the roots, it is too vast. Gone are the days where women were wrapped in 18 yards sari and adorned with huge priceless jewelry and let to be inside the closed rooms of the mansion. Education and employment has brought a tremendous change in the lives of women. The women empowerment policy by the Government assures strength and protection not in mere self dependence but also liberates woman from suppression and oppression. The word Life Partner should be emphasized and each one should treat the other with due regards and respect and also to their likes and dislikes. Money plays an important role. Providing insufficient resource by the family head build up friction. As the house wives cannot make both ends meet anymore. The media has also taken its toll. The heart piercing serials and reality shows evokes mixed emotion among the people. In short to run a family life smoothly has become a Herculean task.

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