As an artist who stood bold
Chiselled an art, new mould
Drew out feelings, heart did hold
Dreamed to let grow ten-fold
There was a link of togetherness
Fun, joy, unity and lovingness
Not mere poem, but a song and act
In-depth message of bitter fact
Though made for entertainment
It was an expensive craft
Shaped to make others smile
Free of cost, a little while
Not forced, or loss for any.
Zoom! It went high
For three whole days
Then an online inferno set ablaze
Fiery fuels, Scoop whoop,
Story Pick, India Today
Burnt and buried innocent craft
Babe molested and gang raped
They baptized the little one
Cringe, blasphemy and ludicrous
Stone pelted since comical, silly, worthless
Compared with another country's -
Controversial singer Tahir Shaw
Conflicts, chaos, commotions, debates
Group discussions, dredging, trolling
Scrolling, scrutinizing, dissecting, dis-infecting
Printed in local news, National news
Huffington post and finally BBC
Hardly a four minute album,
But World Top Story
Kith and Kin siblings and family
Took is as shame and pain
Real art drowned in vain
But cloned ones grew again
Some sensible writers jotted truth
Some exaggerated like mixed broth
Few called with consoling words
Juicy gossip like piercing swords
Clever uploaders reaped lakhs
Real artist remained in black
Can anyone recoup the loss?
Of time, energy, brain and money?
Creativity babe was killed third day
Artist, shocked, blindfolded lay
In dark dungeons lone and sore
The creator is of course a FEMALE
And indeed an Oldie
Albums, visuals not their territory
All meant for new generation
Females are tuned to cook,
Conceive, deliver, brood at home
Old Generation like Old Testament
None believes or wants anymore
Left to wither, shrivel and die
So do their real ART
Along with these poor souls.


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