Incredible rebirth

Each time I was home-alone,
My thoughts soar high and bore-
Visions so strange yet real to core,
Blended words not known before,
And I knew not more.......

I stacked those words far beneath,
For I felt that none do needth,
To read these lines I cherish,
Until a real request reached-
Stating "I do need it indeed"

Though I felt it as unnatural,
Cajole kindled my thoughts once dampen.
Hence I let my words to flow,
Over and over as wind do blow,
And I could see that unnatural glow.

Life is pretty but for some so sore,
Past are by-gones and present a challenge.
Few dare to pause of previous life,
May be a myth or an ode restored,
Made me unwind the fable untold.

I could feel it, chill in my bones,
Language uttered, the ballads crooned,
Warmth I felt like thousand fire-flies,
A hairy supportive arm I thrive,
Broadened chest echoing "I woo you"

Our togetherness was evolved by silence,
More powerful than words of brilliance,
The entwined arms spoke wonders,
Of cuckoos, magpies and flower of colors,
And not too cold the bounty hail shower.

Know not what happened to sweet past,
Sure! My craving was nipped apart,
The unbloomed buds lay withered,
Their poetic verse untangled,
May be envious hearts cast a spell.

Here I am newly born, to tie-
The broken cord, not a lie
Why the longing for classical notes?
Garland of jasmine, turmeric coats?
And pair of gold ring in toes.

The fragrance of sandal entice me
The ascetic color cream soothes me,
The hanging lamp enriches me,
The cool rock temple exhilarates me,
Vegetable edibles don't fatigue me.

Soul did trace- out; once nipped bud,
For all the years; it chewed the cud,
Not even the bitter season could tarnish,
Or let her poetic verse to vanish.
The buds did bloom; erasing gloom.

Lyrics of melody filled the air,
Liturgy of phrase I now share,
Are all due to you my unnatural
With folded arms; I express gratitude,
To thy unique encouraging attitude.

Incredible happenings do incur,
Inevitable relation might linger,
Invisible feelings cannot be proved,
Intuition imbibed many to sow-
Seeds of mystery; let to grow.

About the poem :

In the poem - Incredible rebirth the poet tries to express happenings and feelings which science could not prove. It may be deemed as fantasy by some or insanity by others but still such incidents persists which deals beyond the human studies. Here the poet characterizes two persons who were entwined with poetic love and were not let to live for long. The next stage portrays them as persons born of different cult and family yet their souls unite ignoring the distance causing barrier and the years they have been living apart. Everything seems familiar for them and no need of external expression but for the poetic out-flows once hindered. The poet is thankful for removing the writer's block and expresses gratitude naming the other half as unnatural.

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