I wish.........
It's New Year, the previous a history
Crackers burst; sparklers lit,
Reminding life-line crossed,
The new year ahead.
My little heart throbbed,
As I gazed out long,
What can I do this year?
What should I be this year?
Oh! How I wish to be,
The flaky white snow fall.
Quenching the prolonged thirst-
Of the scourging Sahara.
Let the natives palm hold,
Soothing snow balls, not hot sand
Let pretty pine trees array,
Spreading shade; blocking rays.
Oh! How I wish to be,
Full bloom fruit orchid.
Plantain, plum and peaches grow,
Melon - laden twines on floor.
Neighbors' and passer-by flock,
Eat their fill, blurb and nod.
Gratified at heart,
Smiles and parts.
Oh! How I wish to be,
Medical kit, amidst war hit land.
Innocent wails and whimpers heard,
No new year of colour spread.
Bandage to block the bleeding ones,
Balm for pain to sprained ones.
Tranquillizers to doze mutated ones,
Life saving drugs for dying ones.
Oh how I wish to be all this
I wish, I wish, I wish

About Author / Additional Info:
Am hailing from Trivandrum, Working as Welfare Assistant. Since very much interested and engaged in community service, was able to attain rich knowledge in the field. Hence my writings is bashed with compassion. Let this New year poem inspire all the readers and help them to render aid to the needy