Rare Expression

"Those who have eyes do not realize its value" so the saying goes. We often don't realize the value of the job we own, may be the time sought to secure one was so apt that there wasn't much struggle. Since we are job secured we least care about the less fortunate ones who are still struggling to fall on track. I have often asked myself "Am I such an important person holding a respectable post" The courtesy expressed while addressing me "Madam , Sir" with a polite tone often baffled me.

We spend the lion share of our time at office. We get ample of time to grasp many valuable anecdotes if we want to, especially in a huge Govt. office. We can see that caste, creed, culture, habits and character differ from person to person. Finally we select a few persons of our choice and stick with them the rest of our service -span sharing and discussing various matters. In such a sort of mechanical life we often fail to notice certain trivial matters like "which new shrub or tree is planted in our office garden or which new bird has migrated amongst the shady branches spread across our buildings, or how many stray cats and dogs make habitat in our office building and premises.

One strange incident, strongly inscribed in my heart has led me note this article. Of the stray cats which loiter near the waste trash of our wash room I found one was pregnant. It was so thin and feeble with pitiable eyes. Anyone can understand the earnestness of that look, Ofcourse it was pleading for tidbits. I felt sorry for her and slowly whispered "Pussy dear I don't have anything with me now but I will do so next time we meet ok" To my astonishment it gave a long mew as though it had reasoned with my opinion. But it started following me to my section. My surprise increased day by day when I saw this pussy cat waiting for me near my seat everyday without fail. It used to brush its face against my toes and talk in its own language, which made me wish that I should have inherited the talent of Dr. Doo Little the Negro doctor, and hero of that English Movie who was able to converse with all birds and animals.

Months rolled I had to stop feeding the cat due to pressure by the rest of the staff members as they didn't want that creature within the office, the least in the section. But the cat still didn't stop its visit rather it started seeing me more and followed me in the elevators up till my car. It not only recognized my voice but also could sense my scent and often when I tried to tip toe past the sleeping cat it woke and used to follow me. Colleagues had good laugh when they saw it waiting patiently outside the closed wash room during break. Ignoring the protest I started feeding the cat once again with nourishing food when I saw her dragging the big belly with her weak limbs. Finally it delivered 3 little kittens in my section inside the table drawer of a man who kept that drawer shabby but it never soiled mine though it was kept open. He launched a complaint and the authorities arranged a guy to chase away the mother cat and her kittens out of the section. But everyday it appeared in front of me along with her kittens and I even named the kittens with rhyming names like Ammini, Kinginni and Rohinni. To make things complicated it started visiting the sections where I go to meet my friends as it felt that my friends are her friend too. Finally stern step was taken to get rid of the cat fly. So a team came forth and took away those loving ones forever. I casually made an enquiry as to what they did with the poor ones. I was informed that they were cast away to some sub-urban area. Though I was in my blues I couldn't argue as it is rather unusual to retain pets in the office.

A year passed the Cat story was forgotten as there was no sign of them. One day I visited a friend of mine in another building. Near the waste trash I saw a bulky energetic cat chewing something. I walked away quickly as I didn't want another cat chase and protest by my colloquies. But on seeing me the cat started mewing loudly and elegantly walked towards me and started brushing its face on my toes. I was shocked. I asked excitedly "are you the same old pussy of mine" on hearing my voice she started circling me again and again mewing all the while and finally I had to sit in a chair for sometime giving her time to narrate the one year old story of her survival. All the emotions a woman owes like- Joy, Love, Affection, Motherly care, Craving everything came out gushing in the form of tears in my eyes. All because of an ordinary

Cat's Rare Expression.


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