There are so many aspects in each and every person when observed makes us feel that we are someone special. The creator has embedded in every living being essence of contentment provided we discover that and relish in it. we can derive more happiness by sharing that essence with others.


When I write this poem at ease
When many bestow compliment to please
When awards bagged brought me fame
I felt am Special through God's name

When trees I planted produced yield
When lentils and spinach arrayed as fields
When dazzling blossoms gently beamed
I felt am special through God's name

When many little ones called me MOM
When many turned as family hardly known
When many prayed at times I am sad
I felt am special through God's name

When the work I do gives me joy
When hands reach out to clasp others fall
When the helpless turns to me for aid
I feel am special through God's name

When I am able to do things on my own
When I know that am not suffering now
When I see that am not disabled and lone
I feel am special through God's name.


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