This is not a story but raw reality. Is this fiction? I have no comment. From time memorable I have seen the interesting short notes on 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' in the last page of Indrajal comics. So this incident can be taken as Believe it or Not by many but my version is Truly Believable. As I have written everything with utmost honesty. I don't know the chemistry behind the strange behavior of this amphibian, and I am not familiar with anyone as stated in the Holy Bible to explain the meaning of certain Signs. Since I was brought up by parents with the belief that approaching an astrologer to know about our own life designed by the creator is wrong I have never discussed this matter with any soothsayers or tarot readers.

It all began two years back when a little frog hoped into my quarters, through the gap of the door. It was a trivial matter and the frog- not the edible kind that is exported or caught for lab experiments but the ugly toad kind that was totally shunned. At first I ignored it completely but after a few weeks I found that it started to grow. I found that it hid behind the gas cylinder in the kitchen during day time and came out in the night to eat the ants and other insects sprawling within. As I had a parrot - a long time pet that fed with anything I cooked, little tit bits fell apart drawing insects and this little frog caught its prey. Often I tried to close the chamber of seeing things poetically as nature lover and chased the frog out as done normally by all. My children also did their share of driving away the ugly amphibian. But it found its way back to this particular quarters crossing the lane, climbing the 3 steps and back home as though it was its home. Seeing that it didn't bring any harm finally I stopped chasing it out. It became a daily chore, the frog coming out of the crevice in the kitchen by 9 pm, eating the insects, visiting the bathroom for little drops of water to quench its thirst and back to its safe place in the morning when I get up. Surprisingly it passed its bowels in the bathroom. It was not afraid of me and sat with its forelimbs straight and elegant watching me long time with unblinking eyes. I was amazed by its behavior and often clicked photographs and posted it in facebook. People started asking various questions. My creative flow took shape and one day I wrote the poem Frog -My friend. It was included in my fourth book and the Minister who released the book particularly commented about this poem. Thus the frog became famous though it was unaware. I would live to insert that poem here.

I saw it leap into my kitchen crevice,
Once I returned after Sunday Service.
Cute as a toddler; innocent as a baby,
Though a mere frog, really shabby.

It moved freely, not afraid of me,
When I stretched myself late at night.
I took it odd to let that hold,
In my abode the family own.

I shoved it out, showed the world-
Asked him to find, friends of its kind.
But Lo! It stood with forelimbs stretched
Back in my home, like he owns!

My kith and kin who always win,
Rolled it out farther more,
Thought the lanes and curves would muddle,
But it crept to its home - My home.

A year has rolled, chubby it grew,
Swept all insects that crawls on floor.
Each night it sat with un -blinked eyes,
Pleading me not to throw outside.

What harm is there to let him stay,
No harsh words or deeds betray.
I do not know why he chose my home,
But now in my heart a true FROG FRIEND.

A year passed and the frog gave me a shock by bringing a partner. A huge ugly toad. I opened the door wide and with the broom shoved both of the them out and firmly stated to my frog "look there is a bright world outside with lot of adventures, go live your life as you wish and enjoy and I cannot permit your partner to reside within" but the next day my frog came back alone. It was happy to live in my house without a partner. I observed one thing. Unlike the other frogs mine was little pretty. I mean clean, fair and cute. Maybe it was not exposed to harsh climate outside. I named it Kuttapayi, and if anyone asked why I named it so I had no answer as I was unable to prove it gender biologically. So Kuttapayi and I became good friends. And when it didn't turn up from the kitchen in time I became anxious. I was also worried as to what might happen to it once I shift to the new house of mine which is almost completed. We have been silent good friends for the more than one and half year. Whoever stayed in the night at my quarters got a glimpse of Kuttapayi. But one day my daughter told me that the frog is not turning up. She used to watch TV late night during semester breaks. I was left in grief. The frog vanished. Days passed to months. Two months passed yet no sign of my frog. I kept on asking myself what made it leave me; it was so big that it couldn't go out of the door gap anymore. I was afraid to check behind the cylinder lest I may find its dead body. I don't know the life span of frogs. I could not share my sorrow with anyone as it sounds absurd. One day to my surprise I saw a little frog hopping out of the kitchen to the cage of the parrot and started eating insects. It was the size of the little one who came into my house two years back. Now this little is with me for the past two months and it does everything as the previous one was doing. There is no stagnant water in my quarters to lay eggs, breed tadpoles and bring up frogs but this little one has come, don't know from where and who had trained her the habits, her crevice to sleep? I have never seen Kuttapayi with this little one together. I cannot read the lines between these funny or astonishing happenings. Is it good or bad? Whatever may it be I am not going to chase this little one out. Ok.

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