Colours are something we see everywhere in everything. But if we thick deep, we can understand that colours are man made and the usage is also charted out by him. In this poem the usage of a same colour for different purpose is mentioned at the same time the harm in differentiation is also high lighted.


Colours- only eyes can see
Titled in oneness universally
Earlier headed by prominent -
Bold, Black and White,
Followed by several combined ones.
Little ones before joining school,
points out Red, Green and Blue around.

Nothing seen on earth without colour,
if transparent then its "Colourless"
Colour by itself didn't know its power
Green for prosperity or Positive sign
Yet, sometimes used to cover corpse.
Red so Bold, yet denotes danger,
Adorably used for Red Salute.

Yellow so mild, strong in saffron
Powerful medicine in little roots
Worn by sects who worship native saint,
Saint who detested Colour among mankind.

Juicy purple reminds vine and grapes
Alas! But worn to express passion or sorrow
White, so pure, pretty and flawless
Second skin to politicians starched and stretched
Still worn by widows and others who mourn
Man made colours segregated himself
White as superior, black inferior
Couldn't he see the magnificent rainbow?

Blend of colours, semi arch in sky,
Cluster of tiny droplets, strengthened by sun
An awe- struck view, brushed down by artist
Wonder of the creator, controlled by nature
A message for all to agree and accept.

Let hands of different colour clasp,
Together in oneness and unity,
To erase wars and border fights,
March in unity, aim peace for all.


Jacintha Morris,
AG's Office, Tvm

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