The mighty ship in the sky drifted down,
Towards the runway neatly shown
Hundred waited for dear ones to land
Hours together, where allowed to stand
Out marched the crew first, spic and span
Some shone like peaches, plums and berries
Others looked honey brown and golden tan
Awe - stuck crowd gazed, as they can.

Wealthy ones wore suit that matched
Their costly baggage neatly latched
They grinned at the crowd as they strode
Just wanting their folk to come forward
Some youngsters who left in haste
Unwilling to leave back their wives and dates
Were now greeted with allure un-blinked stare
Dames dressed like brides, flowers in their hair.

Some young guys wildly waved
At their soul mates who brightly smiled
Plans woven to make days without nights
For fun, frolic and booze to great heights
Few came out heads down, alone
Little luggage, not looking around. Since no one,
Their line of fortune did not grow
Dreams to prosper overseas, a wrong throw.

Parents sipped tea to lighten their wait
Their children strode out with faces that bore
Businessmen look and brisk hand shake
Away they drove to stage next move
Grandparents waited with wobbly feet
Old age they longed for siblings meet
Joy had no bounds when little ones rushed
Teddy bear hugs and pecks on wrinkled cheeks

Jacintha Morris Welfare Assistant, AG's Office Trivandrum 9895278001

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