In search of ........

Some in search of truth and some for love
Will the revelation of truth save?
Before one is carried to grave
Was the disclosure of love hail?
Before the attempts narrowed to fail

Some in search of compassion and some for comfort
Has the consoling expression been loyal?
Or just wrapped with conceited foil
Was the shoulder you rested strong?
Or it has choked your heart as tongs

Some in search of trust and some for hope
Has the confidence ever helped in need?
Or was it a mask of naked greed
Did the sign of optimism tend to glow?
Or was it stagnant ever without flow

Some in search of health and some for wealth
Was the energy spent in fair and care?
Or drenched in pleasure raising scare
Did ever the resources satisfy the need?
Or just engrave dangerous sectors and creed

Some in search of faith and some for happiness
Was the faith in you concrete and deep?
To overcome the tribulations with joyous leap
Did the bliss abide by you in lasting glee?
Or couldn't face reality and turned to flee


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