Mother of Many
If you feel that you can just be a mother
To children only those born to you
A true mother aren't you then
A real woman shouldn't be so
All children are alike and good
Pure and innocent as lilies
Meek and humble in love
Wants us to own them whole
Fortunate I am to tend a crèche
Mother of many toddlers and teens
All swarm around with tales and twitter
And I am with ears to let them blabber
Some jump into my lap
To hum tunes into their ears
Some spares a teddy hug
To let me kiss on rosy cheek
Active ones want me to play
Merry go round the mulberry bush
Some swift legged athletes'
Want "KO" game to run around
There is Arya, Anu, Sneha and Devoo
Gokul, Vignesh,Mithun and Aneesha
All eager to learn and practice
The moral tales I unfold
Ayshwarya , Alphi,Aparna and Anupama
Running in teens, webs art of own
Little Pranav mimics in heights
Bright Aswant always guesses right
Vibrant two and half year old Sreekutty
Expresses herself with nods and signs
Toddler Monu with ready-made smile
But naughty ones make others cry
Kindergarten Unnikuttan wants carom board
Thumbi, Kunjatta Adarsh and Sreekuttan
Joyfully joins the huge coin board
And aims the striker to score minus points
I make all sing, dance and debate
I cajole them all to play brain game
I switch role to teacher and friend
For I am a woman really proud
To be a MOTHER OF MANY I could.

Jacintha Morris,
Welfare Assistant,
AG's Office

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