Joy in fall
Now the words "Modernization, Liberalization, globalization etc has become a common factor and digestible aspect even among the layman. Nowadays the modern writers and poets are not the specialised sector of scholars and HOD's since art of writing has wafted to the core of anyone who has got the ability to express or communicate. The "science of everything" is not yet revealed, it is yet to be learnt, analysed and utilized. Hence many things are still unsolved or untraceable .It includes either a Herculean aspect or a mere mole hill. It's doubted whether anybody has gone deep to the chemistry of hormones or enzymes produced in a person to trigger the sadistic pleasure one derives in others fall. It might have been transmitted through the genes or imitation right from early man. When a ruler comes to throne does the preceding ruler accept his heirship as a triumph or threat?

Does the President who leaves his position want the next President to do better or worse? What is the factor that instigates a man to feel the joy in fall of another who takes the reign of a country, place, town or village? Doesn't he want another person to do anything good or better .Is it that pleasurable to see a deflated ball instead of zooming up the once groomed sphere? Thirst to see the collapse is born .Man with the mysterious notion; aware or unaware destroys the upliftment of the community especially if there is no personal gain .Lets talk about small residential units, associations or organizations in our community. When someone shows the goodness of taking charge of a seat of stress and sacrifice, how many of them whole heartedly supports and join hands. The former office bearers don't want the latter to do anything better than what they were able or unable to. With such a notion they not only render non cooperation but hideously try to hinder the steps of progress of the latter office bearers. Does that bring any prosperity? What about the mental and physical anguish it creates in the lives of those who have come forward to serve the rest. Why does an organization detest another; and never lets them implement progress to the mankind? With this unanalyzed enzyme in individuals it has soared high to the extent that one should not achieve a good home, car or lawn but instead lag behind in despair and distress forever.

A vast number of offense, crimes and murders are committed just because of the triggering of enzymes to sow seeds of disharmony and distress among others. Will any man with normal perception come forward to serve, support or uplift a community when he finds himself braced with bristles of "pull downers" unless the notion Joy in fall of others is erased.

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