By-gone Families

Summary: Forty five years back most of the families had lot of children and lived with poor income earned by the family head, but still none of them complained or committed suicide. All lived together with little entertainment and fun not sought by spending money. Due respect was given to the parents and the children never fought for possession or wealth as there wasn't any. How did all the qualities go?

Tell, where have all the families gone?
Where lots of children were happily born
Where parents and children dined together
Due respect and regards, for one another.

Tell, where have all the families gone?
Where father was the sole bread-earner
Where mother humbly cooked, cozy home-maker
At sun-set, all knelt in praise of creator

Tell, where have all the families gone?
Where children never pestered for glittering gifts
Where sons mime, daughters own-made stride a joy
Meager earnings, hardship, but none ended life.

Tell, where have all the families gone?
Where just pair of dress, an year to pass
Where just an outing in bus, filled with folks
No quarrels to divide, little what they had.

How did all good families vanish?
Were the infiltrations of spouses likely?
Or the not-caring siblings too, are the cause?
Has lime-light and media, done brain wash?
Sprout of global trade, taken its toll?
Various surplus earnings, boost greed-needs?
Contaminated food and booze, burn grey cells?
False flowery religious faiths, make foot loose?
All ghastly causes boldly show,
Those good families are no more.

Jacintha Morris A
Welfare Assistant, AG's Office
Trivandrum, Kerala State

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