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Author: Jacintha Morris

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City: Trivandrum | State: Kerala state

About Me: Working Senior Accountant in the office of the Accountant General Kerala, Trivandrum. Interested in Writing. Have published 8 books already. Love gardening and community service and Charitable activities. Active member of literary orga

Articles by Jacintha Morris:
  • POEM : INTERNET RULER ( 1381 reads)   

    After the invasion of social networking and its invasion , many remain in maze and become a ruler as they feel that none can trace their identity and they are left to rule freely and judge anyone according to their own presumptions. often it kills many and some are injured till the end. Through this poem such an internet ruler is described as the hero and then the poem ends with the climax. - Category: Others
  • POEM: FRUITFUL TREE ( 1406 reads)   

    Those who dont do anything are never attacked, abused or criticized. Hence many adopt this policy. why should we deliberately invite trouble. so saying many become selfish and self centered. But he service minded ones , the Fruitful ones always suffer. Through this little poem the agony of a fruitful tree is portrayed, in fact it is comparison with a kind hearted human - Category: Others
  • POEM: RULE ( 1989 reads)   

    People eagerly cast their votes, anticipating a good governance by the elected leaders. Often the votes are cast not for the ones with caliber rather for the party with whom one is affiliated to , often leading to decent in rule. There are many who are not one bit biased but want a impartial and authentic transparent rule. Through this poem the crave for such flawless rule is highlighted. - Category: Others
  • POEM: A PLEA ( 2615 reads)   

    The biggest problem faced by the writers is their liberty to write what they feel like. The situation is very crucial when it relates to a female writer. In such a country like India, the Lakshmana Rekha drawn for a women , with emotional black mailing and family set up either makes her a writer in maze , or as someone who writes with most of the relevant factors concealed. This is pitiable - Category: Writing
  • POEM: ABUSE ( 2470 reads)   

    The Social Media supposed to work for the unity integrity and peace of the nation, country and the world often thrives to be dangerous, disgusting and destructive. writers have lost their sense while working for social media especially those with the online writing. by the impulsive hasty fill up of columns, journalist fail to trace the real artist and oten murder them. The poem abuse is a wail - Category: Writing
  • Poem: Colours ( 3771 reads)   

    Colours are something we see everywhere in everything. But if we thick deep, we can understand that colours are man made and the usage is also charted out by him. In this poem the usage of a same colour for different purpose is mentioned at the same time the harm in differentiation is also high lighted. - Category: Writing
  • Poem: THE NIGHT QUEEN ( 6817 reads)   

    There is a pretty huge white coloured flower which wafts exotic fragrance and blooms only at night and fades off at day time. Hence many have not seen or enjoyed this rare vision. They call it by many names and Night Queen is one. There is a superstition too it brings luck to one who views its bloom - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: What Happened to Saraswathy ( 1971 reads)   

    sometimes weird happenings lie inscribed in our minds. such an incident rose up after 35 years creating this short story - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: Tiny Fists Breaks Wall ( 3068 reads)   

    How deep is a mother's love is for her child. The Chemistry which binds it is narrated in a very simple way through this short story - Category: Writing
  • Short Story : SILENT ONES TO SILENCE ( 3003 reads)   

    Being alone is looked down as loneliness. But what if being alone is considered as bliss and the bliss is disrupted with the visit of the dear ones - Category: Writing
  • Life and Family ( 4232 reads)   

    Life and Family are two important elements in the earth. We can opt which ever kind of life we wish to live once we attain the age of selecting it. We can live back an impact of goodness or notoriety as we wish. And family is infact another complex group. A combination of two opposite sex of two different family uniting together to create a new one. - Category: Relationships
  • POEM : SHE ( 2985 reads)   

    Many boast that there is no Gender discrimination anymore. If the difference and harassment is just due to the anatomy difference then we can justify saying that it is the fate. But what if it due to MALE EGO then, is there is a remedy for that, the readers are left to guess the right answer - Category: Others
  • POEM: The Passing Cloud ( 2690 reads)   

    Often many get disappointed when they don't get the response as they expected for favours granted. It is indeed a great fact that GIFTS SHOULD NOT BE ATTACHED WITH STRINGS. we should not even expect a polite THANK YOU once we do something good to others. Lets choose the PASSING CLOUD theory into practice and expect nothing for the aid it renders. - Category: Others
  • POEM: Good Friday Poem ( 2848 reads)   

    It is already inscribed in the scriptures that those who want to follow the path of righteousness should forsake everything and follow with the cross. All carry cross of different kind, though it is invincible many are induced ones which could have been avoided. In this poem written specially for Good Friday, different experiences in bearing cross is narrated. - Category: Others
  • POEM: The Golden Gift ( 2714 reads)   

    My Fiftieth Birthday was celebrated with colours. Distant calls, Messages, Crowding colloquies and children filled the day. Finally at dusk when I sat down to reminiscence the day's event an astonishing thing happened which made me write this poem. I want the readers to experience the feel. - Category: Others
  • POEM: Is Suzainna a Sinner? ( 2258 reads)   

    Often we have heard and seen people remark about the changes that incurs in people. some become good and some turn out to be astonishingly bad. A silent one turns to be noisy and an extrovert may become completely introvert, leaving all of us to guess the reason for the transformation. - Category: Others
  • POEM: SONG UNHEARD ( 2281 reads)   

    This poem pictures the life of a virgin woman who was burdened with the responsibility of a family when she was a child as couldn't get the care of her parent as her mother passed away leaving behind twin baby boys to be taken care and the father a sick person. she pours out her sorrows as songs and she has got a beautiful voice but none to hear it or uplift as they live in the outskirts illegally - Category: Others
  • POEM: Tales, Sea told Shore ( 3304 reads)   

    Though the sea is rough, wide and fierce once it reaches the shore its sends silvery ripples as waves so gentle as though it has fallen in love with the shore. waves comes again and again to caress the shore and shares wonderful tales of the sea - Category: Writing
  • POEM: The Gesture ( 4042 reads)   

    A small gesture from an husband towards his wife within the church spoke a hundred things. The gesture happened in a Spiral shaped church in a village. - Category: Writing
  • POEM : By-Gone Families ( 3872 reads)   

    Forty five years back most of the families had lot of children and lived with poor income earned by the family head, but still none of them complained or committed suicide. All lived together with little entertainment and fun not sought by spending money. Due respect was given to the parents and the children never fought for possession or wealth as there wasn't any. How did all the qualities go? - Category: Writing
  • POEM: Arrival ( 2930 reads)   

    When the flight that was supposed to land with the dear ones got delayed, I got an opportunity to watch those gathered to receive their near ones and also the passengers stepping out of the plane already landed. The expressions of the passengers and the crowed made this creative move - Category: Writing
  • AUDREY'S HAIR : Short Story ( 4117 reads)   

    A true story about Audrey and her lovely hair. Tania wished she had a dozen hands to carry all those shopping bags. As she entered her home, her husband tilted his head towards her and eyed her for a moment to make sure she was still plain looking as he always thought she did. - Category: Writing
  • In Search of ... (Poem) ( 3759 reads)   

    Every Human being spends his life span in earth in search of something. and that search may be fruitful or in vain. yet the search continuous on and on as long life exists in the universe. - Category: Writing
  • Mother of Many - Poem ( 3894 reads)   

    If a Mother is able to love only her own children then she is not a true Mother. A Woman as a Mother should love all children and care for them. A true powerful and compassionate woman is a Mother of Many children - Category: Writing
  • POEM: I Am Special ( 3446 reads)   

    There are so many aspects in each and every person when observed makes us feel that we are someone special. The creator has embedded in every living being essence of contentment provided we discover that and relish in it. we can derive more happiness by sharing that essence with others. - Category: Writing
  • Carrying Cross ( 2965 reads)   

    Often as the saying goes many are left carrying cross in real life. The phrase is used when one is left is shock, bewilderment , agony, pain, humiliation etc especially by persons we love and care. Burden is cross. and when we think about Christ who carried a heavy cross we consider ours as light. A poem dedicated for those carrying pain. An apt one for lent season. - Category: Religion
  • Silent Sighs ( 4109 reads)   

    Through this poem the emotions embedded within the hearts of mothers especially those employed and had to struggle alone without the help of their spouse to bring up their little ones is expressed. often the busy or fatigue mother cannot enjoy or join the little ones in little bliss as the situation dont allow them. But realisation strikes them and it is too late as the toddlers are too grown up - Category: Writing
  • TRULY BELIEVABLE - Frog, my friend ( 4271 reads)   

    Strange things happen at times that which is not related to human beings. It all began two years back when a little frog hoped into my quarters, through the gap of the door. - Category: Relationships
  • Short Story: THE PRECIOUS PLUM TREE ( 3354 reads)   

    A simple, yet touchy short story dedicated especially to nature lovers, given in two parts. There was a special tree in Meena's garden, a precious Plum Tree. - Category: Writing
  • POEM: Lamp in Thyself ( 2244 reads)   

    The poem underlines the significance of 'lamp', holy and divine, which drives away darkness and ignorance; however, each one has a lamp within him which continues to burn, and such lamps within all together would brighten the whole earth. - Category: Others
  • POEM: Dream House ( 3672 reads)   

    A farmer, who toiled from dawn to dusk, dreamt of having a house of his own; he took a loan and constructed a house, House of his Dreams. But his days of agony then began- the loans he had taken and the interest grew faster than his crops, and the creditors came to get back their money. And driven to the wall, he committed suicide by hanging himself. The above incident is not common. Now as poem - Category: Others
  • POEM: Poor Leticia ( 5586 reads)   

    Leticia, an innocent and charming village girl, sits alone at her window and sings. Her husband is far away; moreover he concerns himself more with his own kith and kin! Then tempters come one by one But Leticia could see through people declines all and keeps waiting for the right man who is lost in life like her but is not disheartened and thrives to live facing challenges with a goal in life - Category: Others

    Describing how twenty characters of people spend their night - Night as the silent witness - Category: Others

    Night as the silent witness to the ways of how 28 characters of people spend their night - Category: Others

    Second half of the poetic story describing how 28 characters of people spend their night and the imagination of the poet as to the various emotions the night feels - Category: Others

    Night as the silent witness views 28 characters of people, the way they spend their night and how they sleep. - Category: Others
  • Poem: Incomplete Nest ( 2668 reads)   

    Life of a widow is miserable. Especially if she hailing from an Hindu family in India. Most of them are let to live isolated from all fun and grandeur attiring simple clothes and sometimes stay back from certain rituals of a family celebration. This poem highlights the pathetic condition of such a widow. - Category: Writing
  • Rare Expression ( 3913 reads)   

    The affection expressed by a stray cat is so astonishing that it has to be shared with my readers - Category: Relationships
  • Short Story: Sudharma ( 2770 reads)   

    Highlighting the merits in a maid servant - Category: Others
  • Short Story: The Recurring Storm ( 3654 reads)   

    Often we forget the fact that whatever we do in our life not caring for others feelings comes back to us like a boomerang. Too late to realise. - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: Late-Struck Repentance ( 3488 reads)   

    Sometimes certain facts can be expressed only through fantasies. In this story the repentance by a soul highlights the reality, if things were done more perfectly such mishaps could have been under control. As the span of life line never crossed the mind of the hero of this story things went offhand. - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: The Great Nothingness ( 3115 reads)   

    Its the love towards nature. Admiration for the mountains, silent seals, pet dog and so on helped in creating this story - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: Belated Answer ( 2117 reads)   

    Child sacrifice is still practiced in some rural areas of India. Black magic and witch craft by some tribes paves way for that. The practice mentioned above made me create this story long time back which I wish to share. - Category: Others
  • Short Story: Metamorphosis ( 2095 reads)   

    People who are gifted with everything, namely wealth, health and positions often forget the state of others. In this story we can see that what one considered as fulfillment and beauty is nothing until they opened their eyes to see the real beauty through pain and tolerance. - Category: Others
  • Short Story: THE FLOWER THAT DIDN'T BLOOM ( 3930 reads)   

    This story is specially meant for students. It was written for a contest 10 years back where the topic was given 'Unhealthy competition leads to calamity' The story was supposed to be framed within an hour. Since I was able to bag first prize I intend to share this with others through - Category: Writing
  • Short Story: Pet to Ponder ( 3539 reads)   

    This real story was written 17 years back. Many loves pets and own one. There is no absurdity in it. But making an eight legged insect a pet is really to be given a second thought. yes! something to ponder - Category: Writing
  • POEM: GRIEF ( 1995 reads)   

    There is none in this world who has not experienced GRIEF. Due to various reasons we experience grief. Those who are in grief are in another world. Though grief arouse negative feeling one has to procure the positive energy by experiencing the negative first and recover from that. - Category: Others
  • Short Story 'Winged Muteness' ( 2339 reads)   

    Its a real story though the hero mentioned in it is not alive anymore. Sometimes things left unexplained or silence retained speaks much on its own. This is of that kind. - Category: Writing
  • Short Story 'LOVE WITHIN THE RAGS' ( 3361 reads)   

    Another true story. Often very minute or matters of less importance are just ignored, here the expressions of concern bashed with love made by the beggar woman is noticed and thus the story generated. - Category: Writing
  • Sweetness of a House ( 2433 reads)   

    Man can earn money. A Husband can be a millionaire, he can own huge mansions or castles. But will it be welcoming for him. Will the latest electronic gadgets, comforting but lifeless materials bring lasting pleasure. Can a dissatisfied wife make a home sweet?. can the Pillars and posts, concrete chips and tiles give life to a house. The turns into a sweet home only when a satisfied wife lives. - Category: Writing

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