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  • The Unconcious Mind in Working with Pit Bulls    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    when working with Pit Bulls, one should train their unconscious mind >> Category: Pets
  • Pit Bull Personalities    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    Various personalities of the Pit Bull dog. After working with 5,000 dogs (many breeds) in 7 years, I was exposed to several hundred or more Pit Bull dogs! Here are some of the personality types I identified.. >> Category: Pets
  • Becoming Comfortable With Pit Bull Dogs    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    an article in how to become comfortable with Pit Bulls and ease your anxiety >> Category: Pets
  • Pet Therapy in Alzheimer's Facilities    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    I fell into Pet Therapy by accident while I was volunteering in an assisted living facility that had Alzheimer's care. This article reveals the good and bad about pet therapy in elder care facilities. >> Category: Pets
  • Beginning a Pet Ministry    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    A brief introduction in working as an Animal Chaplain or Pet Minister >> Category: Pets
  • Working With Mouthy Dogs    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    An article about working with mouthy dogs; grabbing, too-playful, tug-o-war dogs, non-aggressive biting, etc. and some solutions. >> Category: Pets
  • Dust Masks Used in the Cat Kennel    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    The article discusses the safety of working with cats and the use of dust masks for personal protective equipment. >> Category: Pets
  • Becoming a Successful Pit Bull Volunteer    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    The article stresses the importance of a gentle attitude and 'willing to learn' attitude when working with Pit Bull dogs, in a volunteer capacity. >> Category: Pets
  • Where Should Cats Sleep    By: Timothy Jensen

    As an avid cat lover, I can tell you, one of the nicest things you can do for your precious kitty is making sure he has a nice bed that he or she can cuddle up in. >> Category: Pets
  • Flea Bite Remedy    By: Belix Tasa

    Before you care for a flea bite, you should have the flea issue in hand, or you will may have lots of of flea bites to take care of. >> Category: Pets
  • Shoot Animals by Lens and Not by Guns    By: Liyakat Shah

    Animals are also living beings but they do not have voice to speak like us. But they also have a pleasure of pain and happiness like humans. They can express their feelings of joy and happiness by performing certain tricks of amusement by playing in mud or water. They may run or jump or make typical sound in their joyous moods >> Category: Pets
  • Be Kind to Animals    By: Liyakat Shah

    Animals do not require delicious luxurious food and filtered mineral water like us, but at least leftover food will do so. Many domestic animals give frequent visits to some doors because they know that this is a house from where they would get little food to eat >> Category: Pets
  • Why Does My Cat Scratch?    By: Shawn Tymchak

    This article will reassure you that your cat does not scratch your furniture to get back at you. >> Category: Pets
  • Successfully Integrating a Cat Tree    By: Shawn Tymchak

    Helpful hints and ideas for getting your cat to start using his/her cat tree. >> Category: Pets
  • A Man and a Thirsty Dog    By: Liyakat Shah

    Every human should take care of animals as they are also creation of Allah and are also living beings and have the feelings of pain, pleasure and satisfaction like us. We ought to look after their domestication by proving them necessary things needed for living a comfortable life. More over such acts of helping nature towards poor and humble animals would result in good deeds as well as to get many rewards from Almighty Allah >> Category: Pets
  • The Importance of Dog Training    By: Sam Lawton

    If you are a dog owner, you likely understand how important it is to have a well behaved animal in the house. Many of us consider our animals to be an extension of the family, and in some cases, they may be the closest family that we have. The last thing that we would want is to have an unruly animal that was difficult to live with, as it can make everybody miserable. >> Category: Pets
  • Are You Ready to Get a Pet?    By: Emily Chhay

    Whether you pick a Rabbit, Bird, Hamster, Fish, or Cat, you should adopt a pet. Would you have animals die all over the world or would you like to be their hero? Find out all about commitent, dedication, and perseverance here! Find out whether to buy, adopt, or re-home! All the best notes right at your fingertips! >> Category: Pets
  • Mr. Swiggles Monkey Business    By: Sybil Shearin

    There was one store that everyone young and old enjoyed. It was Mr. Swiggles pet shop for he always kept the most amazing animals ever in his little home away from home. On any given day one could find people wandering through the aisles either contemplating buying a pet or stocking up on all sorts of pet food and equipment. Mr. Swiggles prided himself in his great variety of pets for people. He had exotic fish, turtles, snakes, kittens, dogs, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, mice and birds of every color. Along with the pets he always kept anything one would need to provide for that pet and of course many tales added freely. >> Category: Pets
  • Size - Essential Thing You Should Determine on Making Chicken Coops    By: Elsa X

    Making your own chicken coops will give benefits both to yourself and your chickens - if only you know how to do it properly. >> Category: Pets
  • Heated Dog Houses: Are You Looking For a Way to Heat Your Dog House?    By: PetLoverLoic PetLoverLoic

    So you want an insulated dog house or better yet, a heated dog house. What you would want to do is use the different techniques available out there to make sure that the dog house is warm during the winter. Let see the options that you have. >> Category: Pets
  • Dogs Are Man's Best Friend    By: Anisa Author

    Dogs are one of those domesticated animals that have served man for centuries not only as an affectionate and loving pet but also in need to protect and perform various duties like scouting and hunting. Dogs are man's best friend! >> Category: Pets
  • Better Life With Pets    By: Anisa Author

    Many people enjoy company of animals. They are lovely and one can have a lovely life with them. >> Category: Pets
  • Caring For Pets Increase Their Life    By: Anisa Author

    You need to take care of your pet just as you would do for any member of your family. Taking care for pets increase their life. Here are a few tips to help you care for your pet in a better way! >> Category: Pets
  • How to Get Closer to Your Dog    By: Dave Bouchez

    What you need to know about bonding with a pet. Bonding with your pet has been shown to lower stress, reduce blood pressure, and just make us happier. >> Category: Pets
  • Pets Are Now a Must!    By: Anisa Author

    Animals now have become agreeable friends of humans who do not pass unnecessary comments and judgments like our human fellows. We keep animals for enjoyment, company, defense or household purposes. This article will share with you advantages and disadvantages of having pets! >> Category: Pets
  • Learn Animal Portraiture - Animal Portraits as Gift    By: cecilia maurer

    Learn making animal portraits and even give others as a gift. Giving a gift has a built in hazard. It is hard to tell if the person liked the gift right away. >> Category: Pets
  • Rottweiler Training, Guarding and More    By: Camille Goldin

    One of the things rottweilers were bred for was guarding, so they have genes to make them good guard dogs. They range in size from 90 to 130 pounds and have a tendency to be reserved around strangers. Due to their size rottweilers have large, powerful jaws. Rottweiler training can produce a good guard dog. >> Category: Pets
  • Origin and History of Rottweilers    By: Camille Goldin

    Rottweiler dogs originated in the city of Rottweil situated on the banks of the River Neckar, Germany, famous for their cattle markets. They were bred to herd and protect cattle and their owners on their journey between markets. While they may be of ancient decent, their true history in those times remains unclear. >> Category: Pets
  • Hip Dysplasia in Rottweilers    By: Camille Goldin

    The general care and well being of your Rottweiler dog requires more than just grooming, feeding and housing of them although these are the basic requirements and responsibilities of all pet owners. Owners of this breed must pay particular attention to their needs and qualities and work towards keeping them active with some training to develop their natural abilities. >> Category: Pets
  • Can the Rottweiler Make a Good Family Dog?    By: Camille Goldin

    If you're looking for a great family dog, the Rottweiler would probably not be your first choice. They are often regarded as serious dogs, and at times even dangerous. This is because they have always been known as excellent guard dogs, and you can be sure that they will be protective of your home and your family. What not a lot of people realize is that they can also be funny, warmhearted dogs, but this is only if their owners are able to set the right expectations and be able to train them from the beginning. >> Category: Pets
  • Special Needs For Senior Dobermans    By: Camille Goldin

    Camille Goldin shares her thoughts about special needs for older Dobermans. Learn more about taking care of old dogs. >> Category: Pets
  • Health Issues in Dobermans Dogs    By: Camille Goldin

    Very frankly, Dobermans, in general, are not too strong in the health department. This is mainly because of large scale breeding by breeders who are only after making money and not concerned about improving the breed, in general. >> Category: Pets
  • Ear Cropping in Doberman Pinschers    By: Camille Goldin

    Ear cropping has been a long tradition along with tail docking of this breed, which is both performed strictly for cosmetic reasons. It was initially done to avoid having their ears grip onto during an attack. Owners also believed that by ear cropping their dog it would enhance their hearing abilities as guard dogs. There have been many discussions in regards to the necessity of ear cropping and what is regarded as standard in this breed. >> Category: Pets
  • Doberman Pinscher Training - Train Your Dog For Agility    By: Camille Goldin

    For most people, Dobermans are often seen as fierce, scary dogs who will bite your kids and your leg the minute you come near them, but they are actually very sweet and loyal dogs. Doberman Pinscher Training, especially for agility, should not be difficult if you are able to start early in puppy training. This would be the period wherein they can really absorb what you're teaching them, so puppy training from about a few months is ideal. >> Category: Pets
  • The Hound Characteristics of Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs    By: Camille Goldin

    Many recognize Rhodesian Ridgebacks for their unmistakable physical appearance. As stated by their name, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have become well known for the distinct ridge on their back. But in reality, what Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be really known for is the fact that they are one of the few dog breeds that are essentially the perfect mix of a hard working dog and loving family companion. >> Category: Pets
  • Training Collars For Cardigan Welsh Corgis    By: Camille Goldin

    Surprisingly, not a lot of dog owners are aware of the fact that there are a multitude of dog training collars available for Cardigan Welsh Corgis. We have flat collars, slip collars, Prong and Martingale collars, and of course e-collars or shock collars. >> Category: Pets
  • Welsh Corgi Training Schedule    By: Camille Goldin

    Unfortunately when you go to purchase a Welsh Corgi puppy, they don't come already trained. Welsh Corgi Training is predominantly about communication, so you will need to teach them what's right and wrong with a structured teaching system that includes rewards and corrections. One of the main methods used is divided into 3 stages, motivation, correction and distraction. >> Category: Pets
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Herding    By: Camille Goldin

    Cardigan Welsh Corgis are slightly bigger than Pembroke corgis. Among the two dog breeds, the Cardigan has an older ancestry; they are characterized by longer brushy tail with its front legs slightly bowed under the chest. This breed had been brought by early Celtic migrants to Cardiganshire, Wales. It comes from the Teckel dog breed, the same family that Dachshunds belong to. >> Category: Pets
  • A Proper Diet For Cardigan Welsh Corgi    By: Camille Goldin

    While the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an absolutely gorgeous, funny and quite amazing breed that enjoys giving a lot of love and affection, they also require a lot of care and attention. This includes a proper diet for your pet, and this should be one of the primary steps towards ensuring their health and longevity. >> Category: Pets
  • Insulated Dog House - the Best Material You Should Go For    By: PetLoverLoic PetLoverLoic

    Get to know the best material to choose when buying a dog house. Dogs are very popular pets and they are found in almost in every household. The fact remains that a lot of dogs may not have their own private place like a dog house to stay in. >> Category: Pets
  • Dogs Back in the Good Old Days    By: Terry Hamburg

    The loving relationship between humans and dogs has hardly changed in thousands of years. But each era presents its own unique dimensions and issues. >> Category: Pets
  • Dog - The Man's Best Friend    By: Hewadurege sunethra

    The dog has been man's best friend . Dogs are also very useful animals.dogs have also helped in scientific research.dogs can hear sounds better than men. not only they are very friendly with peoples. small children very like to play with dogs.Many of the dogs in shelters are mutts, so adopting one is a great way to help dogs in need.Most domesticated dogs generally get along well with people. >> Category: Pets
  • Dog Anxiety Issues - How Do You Cure Them?    By: Rach Lam

    If you can detect separation anxiety early, corrective measures can be taken before the condition gets worse. If you treat the problem earlier, the less severe it will become, and a better outcome will be reached. >> Category: Pets
  • Dog Joint Pain: 7 Things You Can Do to Alleviate the Pain    By: PetLoverLoic PetLoverLoic

    Dog joint pain is the kind of pain that a dog experiences on the joints. Dogs, just like humans, are known to develop pains in their joints as they grow old. A lot of different dog breeds tend to suffer from this matter as they grow old. One of the most popular causes of the joint pain is dog arthritis. If you believe your dog is going through joint pains, there are specific signs you can try to spot to confirm your suspicion. >> Category: Pets
  • Keeping Parrots as Pets and What You Need to Know About It    By: Deena David

    Keeping Parrots as pets is both easy and difficult depending on the species. This article explains what you need to know about it. >> Category: Pets
  • Why Save the Endangered Animals?    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Endangered animals need to be protected for various reasons. Read on to find all about the reasons for this. >> Category: Pets
  • Common Dog Vomiting Reasons: Why Do Dogs Throw Up Often and its Treatments    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Dogs may throw up due to various reasons and if you have a pet dog, then you should know the reason to assess the seriousness of the condition. Read all about it here. >> Category: Pets
  • Dog Problems: Causes and Treatment For Panting and Shivering in Dogs    By: David Prakash Kumar

    There are various causes for the dog to shiver and also to pant. Read all about the reasons and methods of reducing it. >> Category: Pets
  • The Various Causes For the Dogs Losing Their Appetite and Methods of Overcoming    By: Deena David

    Dogs are faithful animals and when your pet dog loses its get depressed. Read the reasons and methods of overcoming loss of appetite in dogs. >> Category: Pets
  • Dog Heart Worm Symptoms - The Most Notable Symptom To Look Out For    By: PetLoverLoic PetLoverLoic

    Are you wondering whether or not your dog has heart worm? This article gives you the most notable symptom to look out for. >> Category: Pets

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