Cats can sleep anywhere, and they do, literally, but there are certain types of places and containers that they enjoy more than others. Cats seem to naturally like beds that are on the small side for them, this way their body feels like their being hugged almost on all sides. We'll list the top five here and then we'll give you ideas on how to fix them up so your cat will just love them.

Cats love all sorts of baskets, sometimes at first glance you'll find some baskets that look way to small for your cat, don't let that fool you. Sometimes the cat will like that one better than the larger ones. Remember, cats love that hugged feeling they get from the smaller borders. You may have to try out several to find the one your cat likes the most. Garage and yard sales are great places to find baskets on the cheap. Once you find the one your cat seems to fit in best, you can add a lining or little pad to it so it will be more comfy for kitty.


Cats love to sleep in boxes, one box in particular is the shoe box, they get that nice snug feeling in a shoe box slightly smaller than what you think they would need. A good idea would be to try out several different boxes of varying sizes. Keep in mind to if you have more than one cat some will want to cuddle up together in the same box, so you may want to try a couple larger boxes as well.


If your cat likes spending time in your bedroom sleeping and you have a drawer you don't use, make it up just for your cat. This will not only give him a nice place to sleep, it will keep him out of your other drawers if you forget to close one all the way on those hurried days getting off to work.

Large Paper Grocery Sacks:
Roll down the top of the large grocery sack, add a little pillow or pad and your cat will jump in cuddle up for hours. They also make that crinkling sound so they'll be playing and jumping around in the bag before they realize they can sleep in it. These work most of the time, even if they don't work for them sleeping they will spend hours playing in them. Your

In our house we put a little pillow at the foot of the bed and let them sleep there. Of coarse they just take over and sleep where ever they want. If you let this happen there is no way out, they will do it every night, trust me I know from experience.

Just know that everything you do for your cats you'll get back one hundred fold in cuddles, cat kisses and a true loving companion for years to come.

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