Dog separation anxiety occurs when dogs panic at the thought of being left alone at home when you leave the house; it is also the most challenging dog behaviour problem to overcome. Dogs can go out of control when their behaviour goes berserk (ie. Destroying furniture, barking non-stop, digging, housebreaking accidents, etc..) This can cause undue stress to both dog and owners, even when the dogs are undergoing regular obedience training.

Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned due to destructive behaviour and it will help the owner a lot more if they understood how their dog feels when they are left alone. This will play a huge role in determining the method to treat dog separation anxiety. It is also the first step to fully solving the problem.

Build confidence in your dog that you will come back to him whenever you leave. You can also focus on getting your dog to sleep before you leave. By taking your dog out for a walk right before you leave the house. For some dogs, it can be a good idea to place them in a doggie crate after the walk to prevent property destruction while you are away.

You can try doing this. Schedule spending about half an hour (30 minutes) everytime you train your dog. Begin by stepping out the door for a short amount of time, and then right back in the house. You cannot step outside for too long otherwise, dog's anxiety will begin building, thus, in cases of severe separation anxiety you may only be able to step outside for a second.

When you step back inside, keep things quiet, and give your dog a few minutes to calm down. Once he is relaxed, step back outside again, and repeat this step until your dog is showing no signs of anxiety - no panting, pacing, drooling, crying, etc..

If you can detect separation anxiety early, corrective measures can be taken before the condition gets worse. If you treat the problem earlier, the less severe it will become, and a better outcome will be reached.

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