Senior Dobermans are wonderful pets. There are so many great reasons why adopting one for your family can benefit both you and your pet.

Adopting and older dog saves you the time and effort of obedience training as most have already learnt the rules. They don't behave like a puppy that chews shoes, furniture or other undesirable things. The great thing is that most are already house trained and tend to settle into new surroundings a lot easier than puppies. While senior Dobermans can still be fairly activity they are ready made companions and will dote on your attention and love. At their age they have already shaped their personalities, so what you see is what you will get, unlike puppies that develop theirs as they grow. Without having to train your senior pet they are usually already accustomed to times where their owner needs some personal space, they generally keep to themselves instead of demanding attention.

Dobermans are extremely intelligent and are quite loyal and protective. They thrive on the attention and love you give them.

You can adopt these lovable breeds from pounds, rescue shelters and organizations; they deserve a second chance of a loving family and home, instead of a life of uncertainty or possibly having to be put to sleep.

Senior Dobermans make great companions; they are generally indoor pets due to their short coats that make them sensitive to cold and hot weather. Being older they have been toilet trained and will let you know if they need to go. No more cleaning up accidents pups generally leave behind in the early years.

There is nothing more gratifying than the love, health and happiness from adopting a family pet that obviously responds affectionately in thanks for rescuing them and sharing your family with them.

Many families have chosen adoption of a senior Doberman rather than purchasing a puppy to train. While puppies are cute and fun, they are also time consuming with attention and training that is required of this breed. The older ones tend to adapt to children and other dogs better from having been socialized at a young age. Not having to train a pet appears beneficial to a lot of families that may have children, retired couples or just in need of a loyal companion without the stress of having to teach them the rules.

Look into adoption first, you'll save yourself a lot of training time and you'll be able to choose the right personality in a senior pet that will suit your family. As great protectors they will guard your home as well as being a loyal companion. You have all the great qualities without having to go through training and you'll be saving their life as well as contributing to your own family's joy of having a family pet.

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