The Rottweiler originated in the city of Rottweil situated on the banks of the River Neckar, Germany, famous for their cattle markets. They were bred to herd and protect cattle and their owners on their journey between markets. While they may be of ancient decent, their true history in those times remains unclear.

In Germany, these dogs were originally known as 'Rottweiler Metzgerhund' meaning butcher's dog from the city Rottweil. This was due to the nature of their work helping as a butcher's dog from guarding cattle to pulling carts laden with butcher's meat and other produce to markets. Cattle dealers used these dogs to intimidate thieves and bandits in the region and protect them from looting their produce on the way to markets.

During the industrial revolution breed numbers were on the decline and almost wiped out completely due the replacement of machinery doing their work and no longer required as a working dog. When World War I broke out, Rottweilers became important again and were used as a military service dog for the German army.

These dogs have brut strength, are intelligent and obedient which proved to be of extreme importance during the war. This led them to a new career as a guard dog after the war and also helped to increase their numbers again. In 1935 they were official recognized by the AKC and were exhibited in Britain. By 1966, they were then accepted by the Kennel Club in the UK.

In current years they have had a number of bad publicity, due to the nature of some breeders producing aggressive tendencies and bad behavior in these dog breeds. Those interested in owning this breed are encouraged to seek reliable registered breeders to avoid ill-bred and unstable temperaments. They have also been seen in other roles from search and rescue, police dogs, guard dogs for business properties, and even as the occasional guide dog.

Many people who have had experience with Rottweilers that have been well socialized and trained can vouch for the breeds friendliness and goofy nature even with children. But they aren't for the novice dog owner, as they are quite highly driven and dominant which requires to be properly managed to avoid potential aggression.

Characteristics of shyness, hyperactivity and anxiety are not the true temperament or personality of this breed, any of these traits seen indicate an unstable dog and should not be used for breeding purposes.

Rottweilers are generally a medium to large dog with a short dark black and tan coat with a compact body and broad chest. They are quite notable for their muscular physique, demonstrating courage and their bold nature making them an ideal guard dog for the family home.

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