Aspirin is a common drug that is being used in people of all ages in various part s of the world. There are various reasons for the use of aspirin. The drug is an anti inflammatory drug that not only relieves pain, but can also reduce fever and acts as an anti inflammatory agent by reducing the swelling in the joints. In fact it is the drug that is most commonly called as a non steroidal anti inflammatory agent.

The use of aspirin to treat animals is a practice that is well known. This happens in many parts of the world. This is because it has been the treatment of choice in almost all animals that have similar complaints of joint pain and inflammation. There are times when this treatment back fires.

Complications in humans

There are many complications of aspirin that can occur in humans too like bleeding from the stomach and similar complications.

Complication that can occur in pets

When aspirin in given to pets like cats and dogs, there can be an immediate relief in the pain and the swelling. This is a common reason for the popularity of the drug. The side effects of this drug are also commonly seen in many pets. The cause for this is that when the dog or the cat is very small either in age or in the size, then it can have a drug overdose. This can in turn cause the pet to have symptoms of drug toxicity. This can manifest in various ways. The common manifestation of conditions because of drug overdose is bleeding from the stomach. There can also be other kinds of complications that can vary from one pet to another.

Precautions while using aspirin for pets

There are certain precautions that have to be taken to make sure that the aspirin that is given for the pets does not cause the pet to have complications. These precautions are as follows:

1. The age of the pet:

The age of the pet should not be less than 2 before the drug is given. This is because the younger the pet, the more damage it can cause to the pet dog or cat. The young pets are not really having a lot of immunity and so can have various side effects and complications in them if aspirin is given to them.

2. The size of the pet:

The pet should weigh at least about 10 pounds to be given aspirin. The reason is that in small pets, if aspirin is given, then it can cause toxicity leading even to the death of the pet.

The future of aspirin to pets:

The role of aspirin in relieving pain and also inflammation in pets is likely to reduce. The reason for this is that these pets can be given one of the many other synthetic drugs that are available in various markets that have the same effect, but without the side effects that are caused by aspirin.

This is the important role played by aspirin in treating join pain and inflammation in pets.

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