God is the creator of all creatures either human beings or animals. Initially man used to be wild creature too since we would do nothing but hunt and gather, while with the passage of time by using his brain man became the controller of the world and did not settle himself but also domesticated various wild animal species. Some for them being used as food and other related products, while others for security.

Animals now have become agreeable friends of humans who do not pass unnecessary comments and judgments like our human fellows. We keep animals for enjoyment, company, defense or household purposes are called pet animals. These animals do not include the animals kept for economic or productive reasons, that is, a dog is a pet but a goat is not a pet. The pets are popular because of their faithfulness and playful attributes.

Nowadays life has become so fast and dynamic that everyone on earth seems busy in their own personal life. They don't even have time for the family or friends and work like a machine. When people start getting older they become less active and alone as the younger ones have left home or busy with working for their better future. This reason has lead to buying animals as pet not only for accompanying them but also to pass time with these pet as they don't have any other option but to sit and rest. Pet buying is not only popular in late ages but young people specially kids also love to keep them and play with them so often. Most of the time both parents, are busy with their job for better economic conditions. Loneliness of children at home has also been a reason in buying pets and it also relieves the stress or tension in people that would otherwise arise.

Good pets need clean and better environment and enough space and it is the responsibility of the owner to provide the better environment to the pets to avoid their harmful reaction or distress. Pets should be treated like a family member or more than that. Nowadays people do list their pet as their family members and take equal care of them.

Pet and their related accessories are emerging as an industry now. As news on Christmas showed that pet related industries, made the best benefits of all. There are now proper shops for dresses, food, jewelries, medicine and other related products for such husbandry animals and there are still too many to come.

Owing pets makes an individual more responsible and it also creates sense of love and care among the children as well as the elderly people. But the pets must be treated well. They must be get their food at time, and it's important to keep them healthy. They must have weekly or monthly clinical check up by the veterinarian and they must also be kept out of stress and conflicts because they can react in harmful way. Pets provide non trivial benefits to their owners. Walking with dogs not only gives fresh air and exercises to the dog, but also to the owner and may help him stay healthy. Recent studies have shown that pets always keep their owner happy and out of stress and have reduced the levels of several diseases like heart attack. Pets like dogs are also helpful and work as a guide for owners with disability.

The owner of the pet is always ready and active to take care of his pet and trains it like his children. But owing pets have some disadvantages as well. The most important one is overpopulation of these animals and people have to take measure while keeping pets. Secondly, due to the wastes, fur or feathers different types of allergies can happen to the owner or the surrounding human population. Due to the distress and fear pets attack on people and cause serious injuries or deaths. Other than these problems the most important is the fact that they may act as carrier of potential diseases, Lack of care also leads to life threatening diseases like the swine flu in pigs and bird flu in chickens or ducks. Most of the time inappropriate treatment or hygiene problem, many parasites or diseases spread into the area surrounded by such pet. The most popular pets are dogs, some species of birds, cats, mice.

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