Dogs are very popular pets and they are found in almost in every household. The fact remains that a lot of dogs may not have their own private place like a dog house to stay in. If you have not gone for a dog kennel yet you should. Dogs, just like any other creature needs a space for his own privacy and a pet house is a perfect tool to play that role. An insulated dog house perfect is the perfect choice.

If you are considering buying a new house for your pet then you may wonder which type of dog kennel you should go for.

There are basically three main types of dog houses when it comes to the material it is made of.

We have the:

* Wood
* Plastic
* Iron

Let me tell you straight away. Don't ever go for the iron dog house as it becomes completely useless during periods of extreme changes in the surrounding temperature. Iron is a metal and it quickly changes temperature as the environmental temperature changes.

Plastic is also known to be a good insulator. A lot of dog owner would love to go for the plastic ones because they are cheaper and easy to assemble. But the fact is they may not last that long. and also are not the best solution when it comes to fighting cold in the winter.

Also plastic houses turn to crack in the long run as they are exposed to the sun rays. Other than that, plastic dog kennels are not a bad choice. They protect from insect and rain and a lot of dogs would enjoy it.

There is better and more durable than plastic. That is wood. Even though wood may be subject to insects like termites, it is known to be the best material a pet house could be made of.

These are the reasons

It is most resistant to weather protecting your dog when it cold or when it is hot. It is more durable: Cedar wood made dog kennels are known to discourage the dogs from chewing it. (May not be the case with plastic dog house)

So there you have it. If you intend to go for a dog kennel that you want to be durable and protect your dog against the odds of the weather you should just go for cedar wood made dog houses, period.

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