Hearth worm is one of the most dangerous disease your dog can get. The heart is a very important organ of any living creature. Unfortunately this disease involves the heart. The worm responsible of the disease cripple the heart until it is no longer able to function. There are many case where the dog may literally drop down dead without any warning. Just read below and you will get to know the most notable symptom to pay attention to when it comes to dog heart worm symptoms.

One thing about heart worm disease is that it doesn't show any symptoms until the later stages. Your dog may have the worm inside him but you may not notice it yet. In case you feel like your dog is out of his element you should take him to a vet as soon as possible. As much as possible,
don't skip any of your scheduled monthly checkups with the vet.

The most notable symptom of heart worm in dogs is coughing. In the case of heart worm the coughing is a bit different. You will notice a soft, dry cough. This is due to the fact that the parasites responsible of heart worm eventually found their way to the lungs. The lungs and the veins leading to it end up being irritated by the parasite that keeps multiplying around the area.

The reason why it called heart worm is because the worm responsible first attacks the heart, but it doesn't stop there. After infecting the heart, the worm moves to the other parts of the body. They will target all of the veines that lead into and out of the heart. Then they will move to the lungs and finally the liver. Slowly, your dog vital organ are succumbing to the bad effect of the worms. Soon your dog's vital organ starts mulfunctioning, leaving your dog in intense pain.

Aside from coughing, dogs suffering from heart worm tend to be very intolerant with exercises and with any other similar physical activities. If you notice your dog is not as active as he use to then it will be better to visit the vet. Dog suffering from heart worm may become lethargic and would rather spend the day sulking in one corner rather than playing with you.

The internal system of dogs suffering from heart worm ends up been weakened. For that reason, they are not able to be as active as before. It becomes painful for them to move their body around, run or jump. They would rather sit in one place and stay there all day.

Because these dog heart worm symptoms mentioned above are quite common, it makes it a bit difficult for a vet to immediately identify whether your pet is suffering from heart worm or not. Dog owners also tend to be complacent when they see their dog coughing or being a little less active. Unfortunately, if the disease is diagnose much later then it can't be reversed even by the most trained veterinarians.

Take not of this - whenever you think your dog is sick, it is always best to take him/her to the vet before taken any other action. Veterinarians are much more experience when it comes to diagnosing a disease and suggest the right medication.
This is bascially what you need to know about dog heart worm symptoms.

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