For most people, Dobermans are often seen as fierce, scary dogs who will bite your kids and your leg the minute you come near them, but they are actually very sweet and loyal dogs. Doberman Pinscher Training, especially for agility, should not be difficult if you are able to start early in puppy training. This would be the period wherein they can really absorb what you're teaching them, so puppy training from about a few months is ideal.

Doberman Pinschers are some of the most intelligent and the easiest to train dog breeds in the world. They are easy to pick up cues and also a lot quicker than any other dog. But there is also a downside to their intelligence; because they are easily trainable dogs and can follow orders quickly, there are times that some Dobermans would be stubborn. As their owner
and agility trainer, you need to show your dominance and provide a strong-willed hand.

Agility competitions are quite popular in the country, and training your Doberman for this sport should be relatively fun and easy. The agility contests require the dog to participate in an obstacle course while following the cues and directions of the handler. You will see Doberman Pinschers going through jumps, hoops, tunnels, see-saws, pole weaves and what dog lovers have called the "pause station", where the dog should either sit, stay or lie down. It is timed, so all dogs must be able to complete all the obstacles within the standard course time, and the winner would be the one with the least errors or failures. Here are some examples to help train your Doberman Pinscher on agility as well as quickness:

• Jumps. For your Doberman to be able to get over hurdles and obstacles, he should be confident enough to take the jump even without knowing what is on the other side. A lot of dog trainers use bars but you can also try going over walls or piles of suspended tires.

• Contact Obstacles. This teaches your dog to climb. There are "contact zones" that the Doberman needs to touch and this training helps him complete the challenge without backing out.

• Weave Pole. These trainings are one of the most interesting obstacles to see since the Doberman would enter the set of poles, almost "weaving" his body through the long line of poles without missing any. Expect this to be the hardest for most of them to achieve, so it also requires a lot of patience and encouragement from you.

• Tunnels. Your dog will be asked to enter a tunnel and come out on the other end. This is also fun to practice with your Doberman and they will be able to show you how quick witted of a breed they are.

Once your Doberman Pinscher Training is done, you can now have him join agility competitions. There are several sponsored by AKC (American Kennel Club) and the UKC (United Kennel Club). They will most likely begin as "starters" and eventually become "masters" of agility competitions. This is going to be exciting for both you and your dog, and you can be more proud of your pet's achievements!

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