Different people have different hobbies. One of the most popular hobbies is keeping a pet. You can have cat or a dog or a rabbit as a pet. Some have different choices. They like birds more than anything else. If you are a bird lover then parrot can be great option for you. Parrots are lovely and bright. The most appealing feature of a parrot is it can speak. As a pet it requires a lot of time and care.

You should need to know something about parrots before buying it. They do not prefer or like to live in cages all the time. You have to let it out as often as possible. They also like companies of their species or humans. So keep in mind about this thing before buying or adopting a parrot. Parrots do well in highly sociable environment where they can engage themselves both physically and mentally. They also make a lot of noise.

So if you want a quiet environment then parrot is certainly not the option for you. Their loudness varies with the type though. For example, Amazons, Macaws, African Grays and Cockatoos are louder than Pionus, Senegal and Meyers. Another prominent feature of parrot is their intelligence. Their intelligence is often compared with that of chimpanzees and dolphins. It makes having a parrot as a pet more interesting. Never do anything aggressive to your parrot because that might turn it to bite you which is not a good thing. However you can train your parrot to replace its undesirable behavior with some desirable ones. You can also teach them different tricks.

For a parrot, buy the largest cage you can afford. It should be large enough to extend its wings. You have to make sure the cleanliness of the cage as parrots have to be kept in clean cages. Place the cage in a room near family activities.

Do not buy very young parrots because you pet is your liability. Parrots are a bit costly and vary in a long range depending on the type of parrot you want to buy. So educate yourself about different kind of parrots available in the market and choose the one which suits your requirements most.

If you are an owner with a limited available space then a four foot macaw is certainly not a good option for you. Some parrots cannot live alone (i.e. lovebird). If you are considering having one parrot then do not buy a lovebird. So these characteristics of parrots are really important in order to build a healthy pet-owner relationship. So consider this issue carefully before buying you own parrot. Cockatoos, Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Budgies, Macaws, Amazons, and African Grays etc are some of the most common species of parrot.

Some think that it is not wise to have a parrot as first pet bird. Still you can start with a cockatiel or budgie. There are some bidders who will allow you to have a parrot as a trial so that you can decide whether it is of your type or not.

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