Doberman Pinschers are often recognized for their cropped ears. Their ears are naturally floppy and only with surgery can they stand up.

Ear cropping has been a long tradition along with tail docking of this breed, which is both performed strictly for cosmetic reasons. It was initially done to avoid having their ears grip onto during an attack. Owners also believed that by ear cropping their dog it would enhance their hearing abilities as guard dogs. There have been many discussions in regards to the necessity of ear cropping and what is regarded as standard in this breed. While floppy ears are now accepted in the show ring many owners still present their pet with cropped ears to adhere to original breed standards according to show rules and beliefs.

The procedure of ear cropping has reduced in numbers as many countries now ban this procedure as it has been deemed unnecessary even barbaric and does not aid or enhance the Doberman Pinschers in anyway other than looks. Some owners still insist on having their dog's ears cropped to maintain the vicious, fearful look they are meant to have in order to fend off intruders and protect property.

While ear cropping is performed on many dog breeds it is commonly seen on Doberman Pinschers. The surgery is performed when a puppy is about 7 - 9 weeks old any later generally poses a risk of failure for the ears to stand up. If you insist on ear cropping, it should only be performed by someone specialized in this procedure as it is more of an artistic procedure than a medical one. Many veterinarians will not crop ears and oppose the manner of doing so, as it can be painfully unnecessary.

If you are considering on purchasing a Doberman Pinscher, do inquire with a local kennel or breeder about the pros and cons of ear cropping, ask to see their dogs that have had the procedure and who performed the surgery. Find out the requirements of caring for your pet after the procedure in order to train their ears to remain upright. Care and commitment are extremely important and can take up to a few months till the ears are able to stand alone without being supported or even up to a year. Regular cleaning, changing of tapes and suitable healing agents applied are needed in order to heal the wounds and assist with keeping the ears straight.

While ear cropping remains to be a controversial procedure, you need to be certain of your reasons for cropping your Doberman Pinscher's ears and understand the care and maintenance involved afterwards. Find a reputable veterinary surgeon that is experienced in ear cropping. The procedure won't change your dog's personality but how others will perceive them.

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