Unfortunately when you go to purchase a Welsh Corgi puppy, they don't come already trained. Welsh Corgi Training is predominantly about communication, so you will need to teach them what's right and wrong with a structured teaching system that includes rewards and corrections. One of the main methods used is divided into 3 stages, motivation, correction and distraction.

One of the first steps required in Welsh Corgi training is to teach your puppy positive behaviors (the motivation stage) by associating these behaviors with rewards your puppy loves. If they behavior in a manner you like, such as obeying a command, you offer a reward with lots of affection. Offer treats of a healthy nature that can be devoured quickly or your puppy may get distracted if they become too involved in the treat. Treats are also used to guide your puppy's attention and focus on the task at hand. When giving affection during dog training make sure you are enthusiastic, they enjoy rewards as much as you want the correct behavior. Clickers are sometimes used in conjunction with rewards so that your Corgi identifies it with having done something correct, even when you no longer use treats as rewards.

Start with basic commands like sit, you will probably have to guide them first and reward them before worrying about wanting them to stay. When first starting out with Welsh Corgi training make sure they are short sessions. As your puppy picks up on the commands you can add a 2nd command etc... But remember not to be too eager and fast as your puppy may find it difficult to keep up. If you remember the 3 step training system command, response and reward, which are followed through within seconds you will keep your puppy's mind focused. Waiting too long between command, response and reward may give your puppy mixed messages and become confused as they won't understand how it all fits together. These dogs will remember commands used in training, so keep your commands clear and to the point.

Next is the correction stage. Once your Corgi understands the expected behavior without a treat, you may find you'll need to correct any mistakes they might make. This may be standing up too early after given the command to sit and stay. If they do slip-up, give them a verbal signal of disappointment like 'uh-uh or oops'. But continue to reward their good behavior. Correction training needs to be done in gradually longer sessions, from having your puppy stay for 2 seconds then 5 seconds and so on.

The distraction stage is the last section of Welsh Corgi training. Now that your puppy should know what they are doing you can now move away from your quiet environment to a park to learn how to ignore noises, movement and other distractions they may come across while giving a command. Continue with the same techniques and gradually expand the sessions.

Now that your Corgi is well trained and obeys your simple commands while ignoring the distractions around them, they are probably entitled to a well earnt reward.

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Camille Goldin shares her thoughts about a Welsh Corgi training schedule. Learn more about Dog Training from TrainPetDog.com