Many people enjoy company of animals. Most of them get their favorite animals usually dogs or cats when they are only kittens and puppies. But the most affectionate act is to make a stray animal your pet by giving it shelter and food. Most people shun these animals that live on streets and sometimes get killed on roads from traffic. These animals need care and attention from us as they can also endanger motorists who in speed avoid hurting these animals but don't maintain the control of their cars and get in deadly accidents.

Most people even don't bother themselves to have pets as there are many rumors and fears that let them ignore the best things these animals can do for a family. If only people can realize this fact there could be many adopting. According to one survey in United States of America there are about 8 million to 10 million cats and dogs in animal shelters. Only now when people have started realizing the fundamental part these animals can play in helping a family.

Studies have shown that pets in family reduce possible health problems due to depression and loneliness. Many families consider their pets as a member of household as they become very attached to their pets. Dogs help in the human handler exercise in walks and parks whereas cats and parrots usually lighten the mood in the household. Pets not only help in guarding the house but also ensure a great pass time for kids when adults are busy with the chores.

Choosing one's pet is very hard business. Choices are made upon one's liking but a person should keep in mind the affordability factor when adopting one. Pet food and other accessories can become burden if the pay of a person doesn't allow it. Secondly, the human must know that a pet life is lesser than an average human's and therefore he or she should realize that there may be bitter moments. For this reason fishes and other small animals are not very favorable choices while on other hand, dogs and cats are much more preferable. Similarly, parrots tend to live 60 to 70 years but this may require proper love and due diligence in their care.

Pets are always welcome addition to the family. They mourn when there is grief; they lit up with delight in joy and are always supportive to their family.

Many cultures have different types of choices when it comes to pets. Pets have also been used to show wealth and power. In Egypt, cats were kept as a symbol of royalty and imperial. The British nobles used to keep giant Danes as a symbol of propriety and power. Romans and other notable leaders like Napoleon and Attila the Hun has deployed dogs in warfare. Romans, in fact, had whole formations of dogs. The Arabs follow a popular sport falconry in which they train falcons to catch and hunt prey. In Thailand, people also keep pythons as pets! All over the world people keep rare animals as pets like Nicole Doepper who keeps a three legged Llama where as Steve Edington keeps a pet fox who once wandered into his store calling it miss snooks. Mr. Steve has tried on numerous occasions to let her go in the wild but she always return through their door's cat flap.

No doubt, pets are wonderful to keep but surely there is a need to help them adapt to your home conditions. Pets if given inappropriate setting to live may get harmed or even die. Therefore whichever animal a person selects as a pet, he should always carry out proper research and find out what dos and don'ts he should be aware of. Vets should be consulted in every case whether serious or not and a person should not try any remedy or cure to an animal himself, this is essential as many people sometimes kill their own pets mistakenly that causes them a lot of pain and depression.

Pets have always been welcomed in the human society whether big or small whether an insect or a horse, they share a special place in the hearts of their human handler who loves them as their loved ones.

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