Dogs are one of those domesticated animals that have served man for centuries not only as an affectionate and loving pet but also in need to protect and perform various duties like scouting and hunting. Dog has always been called man's best friend due to its trustworthiness and respect to its master.

Dogs have been in service to the man for centuries. The Roman Empire used dogs in their warfare. They used them in wars against many of their foes. In fact, when their dogs were outmatched by better breed they used to export that kind of breed and use it. Romans were so serious in the dog potential in fighting wars that they used them in proper formations. Attila the Hun also used dogs in his battles. Napoleon had also deployed dogs in his campaigns and until 1700s dogs have been used in protecting naval bases of France. Dogs in military have been used in fighting and other roles have also found suited to them. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Americans pursued an ambitious plan of training 2 million dogs to attack Japanese on their beaches. Dogs have been used in logistics and communication e.g. the Russians used dogs in World War 2 to drag injured soldiers to medical Centre. The French maintain about 300 dogs to fight and be used as messengers. They were trained to be loyal to two people hence it would take the message from one handler to the other. Armies also use dogs for detecting and finding things. Mines are sometimes located with the help of dogs that sniff them and the human handler dismantle of dispose offs the mine. Dogs are trained to detect any bombs and spies too when guarding bases and military assets.

Dogs have also been used in fighting crime. Countries that use dogs give them full police honor if they die. Hurting or killing a dog is dealt with stricter laws oher than the usual animal protection rights. Dogs in use by the police are referred to as K 9, a homophones for canine. These dogs are given rigorous training in dealing with all aspects of police duties. In United Kingdom there has been evidence that bloodhound was kept in the middle ages by the constables to uphold the law. Nowadays, dogs are deployed in counter terrorism activities such as bomb disposals and detecting any drugs in passenger's luggage in airports and train stations.

Dogs are also helpful to the blind. Called guide dogs are the dogs that are trained for situations where they can help blind person to interact with the world. Even though dogs are color blind and cannot know the street signs or traffic signals they are usually trained with the human they will be helping in removing this obstacle. There are Muslim objections as the Islam has made dog unclean animal but many scholars have said dog being used as guide dog is allowed and shopkeeper should allow them to enter.

Apart from this, dogs are also used as assistance dogs for people with disability. They are trained by their own handler with the help of an expert.

Dogs are now integral part of our society. Many films have been made on them that rake in million of dollars for Hollywood. People like dogs and keep them as pets. Pet dogs are so loyal that they don't for themselves; they live for their human handlers. They play with, eat from them and even get washed by them. Dogs can be chosen from different breeds nowadays and help in almost whatever their human handlers want them to do. Most importantly they are good buddies. They, just like our human buddies, sense our anger, happiness and disappointment and can cheer you up or make you relived when in stress.

Dogs have also helped in reducing anxiety and improving health of their masters. They help high blood pressure and the risk of heart attack. They make their owner happy and don't let them get depressed. The best part about having a dog as pet is that they can mingle with other home pets. They will easily accept another animal in the house even with the cats, what else do you need?

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