Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend and this is the reason for many of us having pet dogs in our houses. As you have a dog in your house, you will notice that there are a lot of problems that the dogs can face in their lives. Some of these are health problems and there are also many other kinds of problems that can be seen that can cause these effects in your pet dogs.

Causes of panting in Dogs:

The common causes of panting in dogs are that the climate could be hot and this can make the dog to pant, so that the body cools down because of the expulsion of all the heat from the body. Another cause of panting could be that the metabolism of the dog is high even during normal times. This does not mean that the dog has any kind of disease, but even in normal times, when there is a very high metabolism, the dogs can start panting. On the other hand, the metabolism can be increased by the presence of certain diseases too.

Excitement: When your dogs are very excited, there is a high chance that they will pant. Many dogs get excited at even small things. If the dog sees the owner after a long time, then the dog will start panting and this will last for a long time because the dog will be highly excited. On the other hand, if the dog is not very excited, then the panting might last for a shorter period of time.

Anxiety: Many times, the anxiety of the dogs can start the panting. Dogs may be anxious due to various reasons and the anxiety could be acquired, or it could have been present for a long time. If it is acquired, then you should make sure that you take your dog to the Vet for adequate treatment.

Causes of shivering in Dogs: Dogs are also having a high chance of getting various diseases that can cause the shivering. Some of the common causes of shivering are as follows:

Cold: The dog may be feeling very cold and this is the first reason for the dog to start shivering. The cold may be due to the external temperature that could have started making the dog to start shivering.

Neurological diseases:
There are many neurological diseases that are also the reason for the shivering in dogs. The nerves in the dogs get affected and as the nerves are damaged, the dogs have muscles that become weak. As the muscles become weak, the dogs start shivering.

Other diseases: Any damage to the brain due to disorder of the brain or damage to the brain can also be the cause of shivering in dogs. Any central nervous system disorder can lead to shivering as a side effect.

These are some of the major causes for the shivering in dogs. Medications can be given to rectify some of these problems, but the prognosis in most of these cases is very poor.

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