As a dog owner it is natural that you would want to offer your pet a doghouse to sleep in. There are different kinds of dog houses out there and you may want one that has certain specific features depending on the area where you live. May be you live in a temperate region and would want a doghouse that is able to maintain its own internal climate warm. So you want an insulated dog house or better yet, a heated dog house. What you would want to do is use the different techniques available out there to make sure that the dog house is warm during the winter. Let see the options that you have.

1. Get an insulated dog house
Insulated dog houses have the power to prevent external temperatures to easily get inside the dog house. This is a very nice and cheap way to keep your dog house warm. If you choose to buy an insulated dog house, the preferred choice should be a doghouse made of red cedar wood. Red cedar wood is the best type of wood that can provide insulation for the dog house all year long. It also discourages the dog from chewing the house. In some cases a dog house made of red cedar wood and a door is all you may need but in case of harsh winter you may add some other ideas.

2. Heating using electricity
You may decide to add more heating to the doghouse by using electric devices that emit heat. There are different options for that one.
One of them is to use an electric dog bed. There are many of them out there. You can just do a research online. They come with a thermostat that helps regulate the heat emitted by the electric bed. Mind you, this is not for dogs who like chewing. Even though the bed is made of materials not easy to tears up some dogs are still able to destroy it and that is at the risk of getting electrocuted.

You can also use another electric device that cannot be chewed by dogs, that is the ceramic heater. They are small electric devices that you can keep inside the dog house and it will emit heat as to keep the dog house warm. It is also equipped with a thermostat, so you can regulate the temperature automatically.

3. The use of heating pads.
Instead of using electricity you can also used heating pads. Using these pads, you can be sure that your dog will never get electrocuted. The heating pads are made with some chemicals that are able to retain heat for a very long time. All you do is heat it in a microwave for some few minutes and they are ready to go. It is still not advisable to give it to a dog that enjoys chewing because the heat chemicals inside are dangerous. Wrap it in a bed sheet before putting inside the dog house.

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