After working with 5,000 dogs (many breeds) in 7 years, I was exposed to several hundred or more Pit Bull dogs! Here are some of the personality types I identified:


This fellow is just a happy camper, willing to be your friend for just looking at him. He hardly barks and is content in living anywhere and with anyone. Does what the master wants and is willing to please; this dog pretends to be a Labrador. Has a constant canine grin and propelling tail.


This one sits on his dog bed and waits for his dinner, yawns and expects to be served by the master. Learned early on, that rushing around does not work in the dog world. Takes his time to get out the door, has no schedule and will relax indoors when available. Outdoors, enjoys watching birds and the mail man, but not assertive in any guard or protective duties for the household. Much of his muscle is becoming fat.


This one will grab anything that is a dog toy and rip in to shreds. Puts on incredible show for family and friendsl; runs enthusiastically as well. Will knock you down if in his path, more of an athlete and show off. May bring you his rope to pull, or a tennis ball to fetch.


This fellow is a guard dog and has keen eye sight. Watches and watches from his dog bed or cage. Has cold stare that may intimidate, better keep an eye on this one. Is not aggressive, but takes on the characteristics of a Rottweiler or German Shepherd, with guarding in his blood. Could possibly have been a junk yard dog.


This dog wants a continual party; brings the master his shoes! Wants to go outside for a ride in the car. Looks outside the window constantly, hoping a birthday party or event is happening. Can never sit still and jumps on your couch. Is happy with music, television or loud noises. Is not distracted and trys to join in the fun. Is a humorous ham and may have a mix of Bulldog in him.


This dog has no leash training and will grab your leash and fight you. Could be dangerous with strangers, as this one is a growler. Wants to get his way no matter what. Is not following the master's orders and needs dog training as soon as possible.


This one gets in fights with other dogs and bites through cages to get them. Is mostly a shelter Pit Bull and people have made up their minds he or she is bad. However it is the un-education of the person, the dog just needs help. Must be monitored as could wind up in the dog pound and never get out. Needs a very caring person or an individual that has lived on a farm and understands animal psychology.


This gal melts like butter for anyone and anything. Is very easily trained and will go with anyone that is nice. Tail hangs low and does the belly roll for rubs. Is a nice dog.


This one is not a happy camper and will require the reproductive surgery! Is mostly assertive with the master and shows much dominance. Personality may clash with a male master, does better with female master.


The Pit Bull dog needs understanding and should be viewed with education in mind! They are as happy or sad as the owner, and can be very good dogs. It is suggested you find out where you got the dog and that you know its background, like any dog.

Bad breeding can make them a handful.

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