Dog joint pain is identified as a form of pain that a dog is going through on his joints. Dogs, just like humans, are known to develop pains in their joints as they grow old. A lot of different dog breeds tend to suffer from this issue as they grow old. Dog arthritis is popularly known to develop in dogs as they grow old and cause the joint pain. If you think your dog is going through joint pains, there are specific signs you can try to spot to confirm your suspicion.

Signs to look out for

The dilemma with dog joint pain is that you will not find it easy to see it with your naked eye. The reason is, it is the internal organs of your dog that are affected. If you suspect your dog has some pains in the joints, you will have to observe him more cautiously. A dog with pains in the joints will generally start walking and moving awkwardly.

Also take note of the dog's appendages. Thickened or swollen appendages can be indicating a case of joint pain.

If you know your dog to suffer from pains in the joints there are very simple things you can do to help him out:

1. Give him an enriched food regimen: Vitamin supplements and minerals are vital in the healthiness of your dog. If anything, first look at what your dog is eating if you really want to help alleviate the joint pain. Also make sure your dog is not overeating. Heavier dogs will definitely go through a very bad time dealing with their joint pain.

2. Switch the stairs with a ramp: It is not easy for a dog with pains on the joints to climb stairs, a dog ramp will make it easier for him.

3. Do not forget to exercise your pet: Even though painful to move around with these old joints, you should still keep exercising your dog. Daily adequate exercise can help improve the condition of your dog. That said, avoid putting pressure on your dog. Split the exercise routine into several smaller ones to make sure he does not get too tired. Taking your dog out for a walk, for example, is a really good idea.

4. Always use vitamin rich dog treats to reward your dog for something he did that you are proud of.

5. Offer him a proper bed to lie on: There are specially designed beds made for dogs that suffer from joint pains. You should consider getting one.

6. It is also a good idea to massage your dog: Massaging dogs' joints is also known to help alleviate the joint pains. Don't forget massage it gently. It may take some few weeks to some few months before you start seeing good result but it is still worth it.

7. Avoid using wooden/tiled floors in your house: Because wooden and tiled floors are very smooth the dog may find himself in trouble trying to walk on those types of floor. Keep them away from him.

Remember to be use a lot of patience when dealing with your dog. Dog Joint Pain may reduce your dog responses to the point that you may lose patience with your dog. Don't forget to treat your dog properly, He is in pain, remember. Understand that he will not be able to walk and run like a ordinary dog any longer.

The very easy steps listed above can truly help when it comes to alleviating your dog's joint pain. It is not recommended to buy pain relief medicine as they are known to cause severe side effect.

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