The streets were busy and shoppers walked hurriedly along the sidewalks trying to escape the hot summer sunshine. School was out children were enjoying their freedom hustling their parents into one store after another to pay for video games and such. Stores were busy placing sale ads in the windows hoping to sell out all the summer supplies in order to make room for the winter stock already being received. Ice cream cones and the smell of hot dogs were inviting making the 4th of July a real success. Everyone had enjoyed the morning parade but was now eager to spend what money was left in their pockets.

There was one store that everyone young and old enjoyed. It was Mr. Swiggles pet shop for he always kept the most amazing animals ever in his little home away from home. On any given day one could find people wandering through the aisles either contemplating buying a pet or stocking up on all sorts of pet food and equipment. Mr. Swiggles prided himself in his great variety of pets for people. He had exotic fish, turtles, snakes, kittens, dogs, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, mice and birds of every color. Along with the pets he always kept anything one would need to provide for that pet and of course many tales added freely.

This particular week Mr. Swiggles had twin monkeys named Jo Jo and Coco. They were very tiny little critters and he kept them hanging in a cage suspended from the ceiling. People could watch but not touch the busy bodies inside the cage. At any given time you could hear the screams and whoop... whoop... whoop sounds above your head. The agile and acrobatic monkeys swung from the cage occasionally throwing bits of food out to create action in the store. They missed the branches of the tropical trees and jumping along the treetops. All their energy had to go somewhere! About closing time Mr. Swiggles would open the cage door and allow the energetic creatures to bounce about the store. This was the time people who were really interested in purchasing one really wanted to partake in. They got to see them and find out first hand exactly what they were getting themselves into before they purchased. These twins had to be kept together for the well being of each other. So I suppose one might be asking for double the trouble.

As you may know monkeys are very curious creatures and love to investigate everything. There was a great deal in Mr. Swiggles store for them to investigate and or disrupt. So it was on this particular day. Young Peter Caudle had come with his grandmother in hopes she would purchase these two fun filled beings for his pleasure. Peter was a teenager just celebrating his sixteenth birthday and the twins was to be his present if he could talk his grandmother into paying the hefty amount. Well isn't that what grandparents are suppose to do?

Now it just happened that Mrs. Caudle had been shopping for her cosmetics and had purchased an assortment of creams, lotions, makeup and lipstick. Finding Jo Jo and Coco very interesting she sat her purse upon the counter to watch the little ones scamper around the store. Mr. Swiggles of course then proceeded to tell her about an adventure he has in the Jungles of Africa and how the natives caught monkeys. Mrs. Caudle was so interested in his tale that she forgot about her grandson and what he was doing. She also forgot that she had placed her purse and packages on the counter.

Now everyone knows how curious monkeys are. They have fingers, toes, hands, arms, eyes, ears, and noses just like humans do except their sense of smell is much greater than ours. Jo Jo and CoCo decided to see just what was in the colorful bags that Mrs. Caudle had brought into the store. Jo Jo decided to see exactly what the lipstick was and what he could do with it. He rubbed it on Coco's nose and mouth then began to smear it upon his face. Now Mrs. Caudle being an older lady worn very deep red lipstick so you can imagine what the two monkeys looked like as they made they way to show Mrs. Caudle.

"Oh my goodness! What in the world have these two been into? It appears they have found my lipstick and have used it all up on their faces."

Jo Jo and Coco just smiled as big as the moon showing their teeth as they did. Mrs. Caudle rushed to get what was left of her purchases. What a mess it was! Boxes were opened and fingers dipped in creams. Makeup and rouge all mixed together created a grand mess on the counter top.

"Oh well! This is just a sample of what monkeys do when they are out of the cage. I'm so very sorry for their behavior!" He announced as he began to get paper towels to clean up the disaster. He couldn't help but smile when he looked up to see two red faces smiling at him.

"I wonder how we will get rid of the lipstick color. You little devils are just full of yourselves aren't you?" He grinned.

Thinking about the colored faces a thought popped into his head. He would use this as a grand sales pitch.

"Mrs. Caudle I know how much your grandson loves these two chimps. I'll tell you what I will do. Today only I will make you a "tooferdeal". I will sell you both monkeys for one price since it will take a while for the lipstick to wear off!" He announced. "You will never find a better offer and I only do this because of the mess they have made."

"Oh Grandma! Please buy them for me. I will get a big cage and keep them in it all the time. You will never have to worry about them for one second!" Peter gushed with excitement.

So it came to be that Peter became the proud owner of Jo Jo and Coco. This is just the beginning of their adventures.

To be continued.....

Written by Sybil Shearin

All Rights Reserved

Copyrighted June 2011

About Author / Additional Info:
Sybil Shearin is a well known published author and writer from North Carolina. Enjoy her poetry and children's stories on the websites below. All children's stories teach as well as entertain.