Are you ready for that critical moment in life when you get a pet?

You've come to the right place! Whether you pick a Rabbit, Bird, Hamster, Fish, or Cat, you should adopt. Overpopulation is spreading through the world. Would you have animals die all over the world or would you like to be their hero?

Let's review about some animals. Reptiles, such as Snakes and Turtles and Lizards are cold-blooded. They will have their babies be bornn in eggs. What about Frogs? Frogs are amphibians. They will lay their babies as live flesh underground/in water.

Then, there are mammals. Whales, Dolphins, Bunnies, Fish, Cats, Birds, etc. are mammals. Mammals are the majority of animals.

Are you committed for your pet? If he/she is injured, will you cover the bare expenses to take him/her to a vet? Will you have enough time for him/her? Can you provide an indoor/outdoor (whichever specified) for him/her? Can you give him/her several hours of supervised excercise per day? Will you watch over him/her and train him/her rather than abandoning him/her? Can you provide a good home for him/her? Can you cover monthly and yearly expenses?

Now, those are jut the basics! Let's answer those questions in detail now. For example, let's say you want a Dog.

More questions come: What breed of Dog? What gender? How much time can you give him/her with a dog's schedule? Can you train him/her? What age of Dog?

Let us review the above questions before we get too distracted. Simply, all the answers should be YES. If not, the pet you want, isn't suitable for your family. Dogs and Cats can be messy, will and do shed fur, will make messes, occasionally/frequently, and require constant "hands-on" attention.

Yes, other pets will and shall be different. Don't expect every animal to want to please you. Do your research beforehand! You don't want to adopt an animal and find out the animal doesn't and won't like you due to the limited amount of space, children you have, etc.! Then, your pet would go straight to the shelter/pound for euthanasia or even worse: suffer from a fatality due to kennel cough!

Now, even you had a phobia of a certain animal, would you make this animal suffer a cruel and possibly slow death at a shelter? Hopefully, you all answered quite clearly NO.

Your pet should get all the privaledges that your child or YOU get! Why should they soak in their home outside while you can sleep cozy inside your warm little bed?

We should all believe in equal or equivalent rights. It is what is only fair for our companion pet animal and us. That is what will reduce or completely eliminate the number of pets in shelters.

Perhaps, you are interested in buying from a breeder? Let's view this dilemna in a different perspective. You are buying/purchasing a companion pet animal from a breeder. A breeder who increases animal population; a breeder who destroy humanity; a breeder who forces pets to breed; a breeder who sell those pets; who SELLS them for money!

Would you rather adopt/save now? Shelters euthanize animals everyday and earn $40.00 per animal; can you save a life today? Depending on where you live, adoption fees vary in diferent shelters. Don't support breeders; breeders are encouraging animal euthanasia.

& if you want to save a life, shelters, pounds, CraigsList, or other websites where people can't take care of their small companions are a great alternative to breeders AND will make you feel good for the rest of your longivity!

Maintain a nice, balanced schedule with your companion pet animal and give him/her treats when required, walks when needed, and unconditional love, NO MATTER WHAT! Trust me, he/she will thank you for that.

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