Making your own chicken coops will give benefits both to yourself and your chickens. Your chickens will be more comfortable, produce good eggs, and you will be satisfied - if only you know how to do it properly.

There are many people who regret their chicken coop's final result only because they did a poor planning. Many of them can't do anything when the number of their chickens is not suitable with the size of their coops, or the result does not match the time and money they have spent.

In order not to make the same mistake, it is necessary that you determine about your chicken house's size. If you ever going to make a mistake, it is probably no problem if they make it a little bit too big but it is absolutely a problem if it is too small.

The first choice you can consider is to make a small sized chicken coop. But how small is small? A small sized coop generally fits for no more than three chickens. The advantages of having your chicken house small are that it will be easier to construct, easier to keep up, and of course you will be able to spare more money.

On the other hand, it also has a disadvantage which is that you will not be able to put more chickens in later time. Therefore, think cautiously before you decide to build one so you will be satisfied. Making a medium sized chicken coop is perfect for you if you still want to put in more chickens.

If the small sized will only enough for less than 3 chickens, the medium sized will be enough to keep about seven chickens. You can build one if you have a little more area in your backyard.

If your purpose to keep chickens is to sell the eggs, it is recommended that you build a large sized chicken coop. You may not have many chickens at first, but of course you can add more over time. To avoid poor eggs and to make it more organized, you should build walls to separate the chickens.

After you have determined the size of the coop, you should also consider about the protection. Do not let predators such as raccoons do a mess with your chickens by building a wire or wooden fence. It is your choice of whether you will make the fence from wire (cheaper) or wood (more expensive, more eye catching), but make sure you give the chickens space to run around.

In planning to make a coop for your chickens, you should always adjust it with your budget. You should not make the coop small just because you want to be able to save more money, or choose expensive materials just so the coop will look better.

Invest your time to plan well before making your own chicken coops so the result will be satisfying in the future.

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