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  • Chatbot Development - Complete Information ( 3586 reads)   

    Chatbot is a most common term used in the field of Information Technology especially considering the case of instant messengers in the world of internet. With the continuous advancement in technology, almost all of us are well familiar with the internet based instant messengers such as FB messenger, Skype, Whatsapp etc and this is the place where the utlity of Chatbots deeply flourish. - Category: Technology
  • Right Course Selection For a Bright Career Opportunity ( 4313 reads)   

    The world of education and the ocean of booming career courses do at all appeals the students to get confused for the right subjects for a bright career but it always positively reminds the mindset to draw a well decided conclusion for opting the perfect subjects in response to students' in depth desires and sound understandings. - Category: Careers
  • Gratitude Towards the God ( 3845 reads)   

    The entire living scenario cannot even be imagined without the constructive thought of God towards the goodwill of human beings. An in depth thought of gratitude must be there inside all of us towards him and correspondingly we must behave as a human as we all are the humans created by the almighty. - Category: Writing
  • Dowry Deaths Emerging as a Severe Crime ( 4406 reads)   

    This articles exposes its strength against the most severe and deadly thoughts continuously emerging inside the minds of the human beings in the form of dowry which blindly leads its path towards the haunted destination of DOWRY DEATHS. - Category: Women
  • Women Revolution in India ( 3791 reads)   

    The article initiates the involvement of women in India in almost all the developmental sectors to be noticed as Women Revolution. - Category: Women
  • Career as Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) in Govt Organizations ( 4093 reads)   

    Strength of this article is targeted to align all the struggling and educated indian youths towards the glory and impact of government services other than private jobs as it develops a feel of well settlement with lots of social repute.Building career as Assistant Administrative Officer in Govt insurance sectors is one of the best carrier options with secured future and full job satisfaction. - Category: Others
  • Why to Advertise Religions ?? ( 2657 reads)   

    Religions need not to be advertised at the global level and by the dirty thought of professionalism.The entire world is a beautiful creature of almighty GOD and is running smoothly by the hidden strength of his love and affection towards us.Division should not be made on the basis of religions but an integration of love and affection towards the people of the world should be advertised globally. - Category: Religion
  • India Originating as Secured Place For Terrorists ( 3330 reads)   

    This article explains in detail about the of slower legal proceedings of India against the damaging and brutal terrorists.Despite of being provided the death punishments,they are still enjoying their lives and waiting for their release by the honourable Indian Courts. - Category: Issues
  • All About Examination ( 3514 reads)   

    Examinations are very important procedures which enables the students to get promoted continuously inside the life's struggle.Secured and scheduled modes of techniques must be there inside the students to make themselves successful and with a unique identity in the gathering. This article lays stresse to get rid of unwanted exam stresses and well defined plans to crack the examinations. - Category: Issues
  • Unwanted Terror of Global Warming ( 2608 reads)   

    Global Warming is continuously becoming a point of discussion all over the world and hence this article initiates all the major root causes and remedies for the removal of this deadly situation as soon as possible so that we can make this earth safe,sound and secured for our living. - Category: Nature
  • My Favorite Kishore Kumar : An Unforgettable Legend ( 4002 reads)   

    This article aligns itself towards an esteemed personality in Indian Cinema known by the name of Mr.Kishore Kumar.It totally visualizes the image of this great legendary singer from the very beginning of his struggling life to ultimate peak point of success.Have a look. - Category: Men
  • Jealous Mentality: Destroyer of Humanity ( 4204 reads)   

    This article is totally concentrated towards the jealous mentality of human beings which can be ultimately considered as the destroyer of humanity as it badly affects the nature to succeed. - Category: Issues
  • Save the Existence of Girls ( 4630 reads)   

    This article is totally targeted towards killing up of baby girls before birth in most of the families even if potential of girls can be measured to march their legs with the legs of this modern scenario and to prove themselves best in almost all the edges of development. - Category: Women
  • Its my Jharkhand State ( 3327 reads)   

    This article focuses on the fact that despite of having all the sufficient resources and comforts,the Jharkhand state is still lacking development in the several sectors due to the improper leadership and dirty politics. - Category: Issues
  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - Basics and Entrance Test Information ( 6300 reads)   

    This article concentrates on all the essential details regarding the booming course in the field of Computer Science and Applications known as Master of Computer Applications (M C A). - Category: Education
  • Career in Visual Effects and Animations ( 2363 reads)   

    A well reputed career option for the students who holds a creative and thoughtful mind and having a deep interest and love towards art, graphics and animations. This emerging sector is famously known as Animation and Visual Effects industries. - Category: Education
  • Encouraging the Talent ( 2753 reads)   

    This article is totally targeted towards motivating and encouraging the talents inside our country so that the talented individuals feel themselves empowered to fly in the heaven of success. Properly motivating the talents inside the individuals is beneficial in every cases. - Category: Others
  • Technical Advancement For Securing Data ( 2503 reads)   

    This article presents several options for the safe security of user's data so that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime as per the requirements of the user. - Category: Writing
  • All About Cricket ( 3543 reads)   

    Impact of Cricket and the glory of Indian Cricketers. Cricket,a word which spells confidence, hope,standard and popularity for the players who are involved in the team for their valuable contribution. - Category: Sports
  • Preparation For the Most Prestigious UPSC Exams ( 5637 reads)   

    This articles presents the glory and impact of Civil Services in India. In addition, a depth strategy and syllabus for UPSC CSAT examinations are documented to encourage and attract the aspirants to build up their golden future. - Category: Careers
  • Saturation of Traditional Career Options ( 3510 reads)   

    This article focuses on the limited number of job options for the students who opts for traditional courses to build up their career. Students must understand the demand of market which is totally concentrated towards selecting the professionals who are an integration of entire qualities and merits inside them. - Category: Careers
  • Current Political Scenario and the Strength of Democracy ( 5077 reads)   

    The word Democracy must be understood by the current politicians ruling over India so that the Indians can think that it is their country where their thoughts, emotions and genuine demands gets the appropriate value.It was told 'SONE KI CHIDIYA' a decade ago.Let it be told like this spontaneously by all the Indians.Kindly cooperate. - Category: Politics
  • Increasing Importance of Information Technology in Modern Education ( 5865 reads)   

    This article actually focuses on the increasing importance of Information Technology in the filed of education with the effect of its worldwide impression among the people of current scenario of individual fields. - Category: Education

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