The current edge can undoubtedly be considered as an edge of competition where the best person among the rush is the only option to be selected for the wonderful job positions. Following the continuous increase in the selection of selected meritorious people for the reputed organizations, a significant increase in the newly launched educational institutions with impressive wrapping of fruitful courses have also been noticed since few decades. Quality education extremely matters now-a-days which imparts the educational therapy to the students to lead their paths by climbing continuously with such golden ladder. Selection of the most appropriate branch of subjects by the students after passing senior secondary level examinations keeps a lot of importance. This is in the sense that whatever the subject is being selected by the students at their Graduation and the Post Graduation level ultimately decides the establishment of their career.

Computer Science and the Management Studies are two of the most promising and career oriented options which are continuously opted by the majority of students all over the country for a booming career. So far as the matter of study of Computer Applications subject is concerned at the Graduation and Post Graduation level, there are selected courses including B.Sc.(Computer Science), B.Sc. (IT), BCA etc and MCA, M.Sc.(IT) etc interacting the students to pursue their studies and lead their path to a golden destination of success. On the other hand, management studies are also getting popular day by day among the students and the courses such as BBA and MBA etc are continuously being run by most of the universities in India to attract a mass of students. Both the fields of education are getting very much sound consistently and their demands are also at the peak in comparison to the other courses. Computer Applications as a subject at the Graduation and the Post Graduation level has been launched by the regulatory bodies to encourage the mass of students towards increasing demands of the IT sector and for getting themselves well managed and equipped for the future and the current job markets. This subject makes the individual fully professional, well confident and well managed by boosting their stamina and making them feel that they are perfectly armed and prepared for fighting the struggles of getting success. Skilled, ambitious, laborious and technical mindset of the students are the key factors to make themselves fit for selecting Computer Science as a subject for their grooming career.

Opting management studies as the career oriented course also reflects the creative mentality of the students. The students studying management studies as their subject at the Graduation and the Post Graduation level have thought to get themselves prepared to enjoy the managerial activities by keeping an eye of management towards the functioning. However, merely studying the management study as a subject does not at all guarantee to enhance the managerial and leading capacities of the people. This is because subject do not actually promises to reflect, change or modify the human behaviour. It only works as an effective medium to make that particular person well versed inside its depth.


So far as the matter of selection of either MCA or MBA is concerned at the PG level, students must get aware of the fact that base always matters a lot. Students enjoying the management study and securing a nice marks with a well managed wish to build up their career in the field of management at the Graduation level must not at all get confused regarding subject selection at the PG level. This matters a lot as the management does not has been studied by that particular student as a subject but it has got a full stability internally inside him. Continuous movement along the way will definitely lead that particular student at the destination of success by studying Management Studies at the PG level too. Similar conditions holds for the students studying Computer Science and Applications as a subject at their Graduation level. Initially during the selection of the course as Computer Science, a souls' internal decision with respect to the student would have been heard by him to opt for the same. Sound base and in depth understanding of the subject matter with a inspirational wrapping of love towards the subject always aligns the student to select only Computer Science as a subject at the PG level and this will always be a fruitful decision for a fruitful career.

A master sentence as "A ROLLING STONE SAVES NO MOSS" must be kept in the mind throughout the life's struggle which imparts a message that being updated, confident and perfectly controlling the decision's steering along all the turning paths of the life will always make a person well strengthen to lead and win the race of life.

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