The continuous advancement and discovery in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology is well known and understood by all of us. Computer Scientists all over the world are continuously contributing a lot in this filed and compelled the people all over the world to accept that we all are living in the golden edge of Information Technology where their magical efforts has led to the development of such electronic gadgets so that we can keep us connected with the entire happenings of this world using the devices which can be kept in our pocket. During the last ten years, a lot of advancement in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology have been realized by all of us by thinking the introduction of second generation cellular phones, second generation computer processors as well as third generation high speed internet connectivity.

Any of the people either a typist, student or other computer professionals work on the computer to prepare particular files as desired by them for their purpose. The files prepared by them for their purpose are actually a collection of meaningful data gathered together inside their files in the form of information. The files are ultimately saved and stored inside the storage devices which may be Hard Disks, Optical Disks or Pen Drives. These are actually the storage areas which stores the files and may be accessed later as per our desire. But, it is also obvious that crashing or breaking up of these storage medias may result in the destruction of vital data contents which is ultimately very much shocking for the users. So far as the matter of Pen Drives are concerned, we can store only a limited amount of data inside such mediums because of their low data storage capability. The solution to such critical situations is storing up of the data online safely accessing it anytime from anywhere as per the user's desire.

A list of options for storing data online can be mentioned by the help of following points:--


It is an option available for free data storage of 25 GB and works like the explorer in Windows. It provides the facility of sharing up of the files as well as creating and saving the office documents too in the file manager option of Sky drive. It can be accessed using User Wave Interface software and can also be accessed on the User Windows Phone or the I-Phones. A file having a capacity of up to 50 MB can be either uploaded or downloaded at a time using this utility.


This is an online data storage option which allows its members to store up to 50 GB of data under its basic plan. Users can store as well as edit their data under its web interface software. There is no botheration of downloading up of any additional software. Desktop clients have the option of downloading only in the paid plans. Users can easily search their data stored inside its file manager window. ADrive provides the facility of Multitasking also where users get the opportunity to download also during uploading. Users can store their data including MS Office sheets, folders, applications, photographs, music and video files etc. The option of online sharing up data is also available.


It is an option which allows the unlimited data storage online. However, the free users can download data up to 4. 8 GB in any particular day and the downloading speed is kept limited up to 500 kbps only. It cannot be exceeded. It supports the downloading of only one file at a time. In addition to user web file manager, the users can also access their account using Windows, Mac, PC or I-Phone. Multiple files can be uploaded inside the web file manager option in addition to create the folder.

The above listed options can be frequently used by the users to secure their valuable data online and can be accessed as per the comforts of the users. Such an online data storage option makes the users tension free from crashing up of the disks and simultaneously losing the valuable information contained inside them.

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