There are a large number of educational institutions in our country and parallely a large number of degree and diploma courses are available for the students.Fee structure for the individual courses are at their peak so that their business of educational market can never can never touch the line of recession.Students from different parts of our country continuously use to to come under the froud grip of control of the educational mafias.A number of false promises are made from the students related to confirmed placement in top companies of the Indian markets as well as the international markets.Only a few of them obeys their promises but a large number of other institutions denies and starts catching their preys for the next sessions.However,the other institutions ties up with the company offering placements to the students that after their successful appointments,both the company and the institutions can be benefited economically by the students in the form of depositing huge security deposits.

In such a critical situations,meritorious students are ultimately harassed only because of the shortage of money lack of proper guidance towards their bright career.They can neither get admitted into such institutions nor they can get placed in the renowned companies.Students must be ready to get the appropriate career councelling at the right time during the stage of development of their professional growth.Two of the important ways of their career development are obvious i.e. either they opt for preparation of pure government recognized institutions to get admitted to professional courses or they should select a different type of degree or diploma course which has a large number of demands in the industries.Selection of course either then that of the traditional courses make the students get a unique identity and post easily and economically in comparison to those of the traditional courses.

Students who have a keen desire to go to the Engineering sectors must prepare themselves for going to IITs.This is because after the successful admission to such an institution,students do not only get free from the huge economical burden but are also totally assured about their placement in a huge salary package in comparison to any other private engineering colleges.They are treated differently among the mass of students working together with their company.They are identified as IITians and the salary package is higher in comparison to the same employee working alongwith him in the same post.Similarly,students interested for building their career in the field of management must prepare themselves for CAT to get admitted into IIMs to pursue MBA.Studying in such a kind of reputed institutions is itself a matter of proud for them in the society.Unfortunately,if the students get unable to qualify,they must listen the sound of their soul that whether they are really interested in such courses or are simply opting to follow the will of their parents.Students must chose the type of course as per their interest and try to build their career in the same.

To sum up,it can be made clear from my side of view that in order to be treated differently,students must be different from others in all the respects either it is the option of selection of a unique career option or their unique way of presentation of desires in front of their parents.ALL THE BEST.

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