Global Warming is emerging consistently as one of the most major global threats whose appropriate remedy must be discovered in time so that this unwanted natural disaster can ultimately be controlled. India is a country whose existence has always been under troubles since very beginning either it can be considered in the form of political troubles,wars,dictatorships of leading dictators or in the form of continuous natural disasters such as Earthquakes,Floods and Tsunami.However,one of the most major burning issues leading to all the natural disturbances and affecting the eco systems to a great extent is the one and only Global Warming.

The appropriate remedy of Global Warming can only be developed if and only if the causes leading to this major terror can be properly diagnosed and identified. Meanwhile, the two of the most important causes which leads to the germination of this global threat can fluently be identified and discussed as follows :--

1) Natural Causes :-- Natural cause which leads to the birth of Global Warming can undoubtedly be considered in the sense of generation and unwanted distribution of the Methane gas by increasing pollution and continuous burning up of the fossil fuels in industries.The burning up of these fuels leads to the production of the greenhouse gases in the form of Methane gas.Greenhouse gases are the gases which badly affects the earth's atmosphere by trapping of the heat into its surface and environments.These gases are produced by the burning process of the organic compounds in the form of coal and oils.Digging up of the earth in the search of such materials also creates a situation for methane like gases to come out and spread because these are also there inside the earth alongwith these organic materials. More the number of people and industries who utilize these fossil fuels for their daily activities,more will be the generation of greenhouse gases in the form of Methane and more badly it will destroy the earth's atmosphere.The increasing number of population also leads to the surprising sell of the vehicles in the form of two-wheelers,four-wheelers and other commercial vehicles.Hence,more the number of vehicles will be sold,more will be the burning up of the fossil fuels in the form of petroleum products and ultimately unstoppable story of Global Warming will be continued.

2) Human Generated Causes :-- Human beings are themselves responsible for several major disasters continuously inside the earth's atmosphere.This is because instead of being human,their unwanted activities like animals are not being appeared since very beginning.They can themselves be considered firstly as of the major global threats inside the earth.Human beings can be considered as the cause of such disaster in the sense that they have themselves initiated deforestation. It means that they are not at all aware of the fact that we breath out Carbon Dioxide and trees breath in the same and Carbon Dioxide ie CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases considered as the root of Global Warming.That is why,the process of deforestation ultimately leads to less number of trees and lesser the number of trees,lesser will be its capacity to absorb our Carbon Dioxide which we breath out.It is obvious that population is going on increasing continuously without any break and it can also be one of the human generated cause for such an unwanted threat.More population ultimately means more amount of CO2 as greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and deforestation means decreased capacity of trees to absorb the CO2 being released by human beings.

To cap it all,it can without any hesitation be stated that by keeping in view the above listed discussions by the means of given points of explanation,this major threat can be removed by root taking the joint help of our strong will powers and by avoiding all the major causes which can lead to this most deadly situation known as Global Warming.

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