India is country which is world famous for producing the ultimate legendary talents within itself at regular time intervals.When the vehicle of discussion comes to the historical milestones of this country for the divine contribution in the field of music then the one and only one name which can be spelled together from the mouth of all the Indians is Mr.Kishore Kumar.A name which can be concentrated not only in he field of singing fantastic playback songs but also in the field of composing mind blowing music,lyric writing,film producing as well as wonderful acting.Kishore da has been a legend for Indian cinema forever whose magical touch towards music inside the films always added a sequence of successes and confidence.

Kishore Kumar was born on 4th August,1929 and was basically from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.He was known by the name Abhas Kumar Ganguly there until he fully settled himself to Bombay.His life went on doing struggles in Bombay to flourish his keen desire to become a renowned singer in Indian cinema.Despite of his talents in the field of acting like his elder brother Mr.Ashok Kumar,he wanted himself to be known by the name of a playback singer only.He continued his struggle continuously in Bombay roaming around the recording studios and asking for himself to get an opportunity to sing in the films.Days passed away but his journey in the path of honest struggle continued.He was fond of doing mimicry and a well known playback singer of that time named K.L.Saigal bacame his prey because he thought to follow the successful singer so that he can also become successful quickly like him.A day came when he was caught doing mimicry at his house when Mr.S.D.Burman visited his house to meet Mr.Ashok Kumar.He got very much impressed with his singing talents but suggested him to generate his own style of singing owing to his deep dedication towards singing.Kishore da obeyed deeply towards Burman's suggestion and finally developed his own style known as Yodelling which worked as the taste of spice in his singing.Finally,he emerged as a deep talented individual in the eyes of Mr.S.D.Burman and was loaded with lot of singing assignments in Mr.Burman's films.Kishore Da sang for Jewel Thief,Guide,Prem Pujari,Paying Guest etc which was musically composed by Mr.S.D.Burman.The songs of these films like Pal bhar ke liye koi hamein,Phoolon ke rang se etc started to gain widespread popularity within a limited time frame and movies also became musical hit.

This unstoppable story of success continuously continued for Mr.Kishore Kumar and a lot of other music directors and producers opted him without any hesitation for their films.It is really a surprising fact that he was not at all formally trained in music but totally god gifted in the sense that he used to sang beyond the music director's expectation when talking about quality of the voice of playback singer.He was noticed by Mr.R.D.Burman and and he became one of the big fans of Kishore da and allotted him with his lots of musically hit films including Aaradhna,Kati Patang,Amar Prem,Parichay,Heera Panna,Rocky etc.He got his first filmfare award for the song Roop tera mastana from Aaradhna.Laxmikant-Pyarelal ji also requested this legendary singer to sing for their musically directed films namely Roti,Dost,Gautam Govinda etc.Consistently,lots of other music directors including Kalyanji-Anandji,Rajesh Roshan etc of his time shown such an interest in his singing that a kind of rush got developed in between the music directors to sign Kishore sahab as their playback singer.He sang several other hit songs of musically hit films including the films named Kora Kagaz, Yaarana,Julie,Mr.India etc. Songs sung by him in the very short span of his musical life are almost countless and all of them got a lot of popularity and success.He sang for almost all the well renowned actors including Rajesh Khanna,Amitabh Bacchhan,Dharmendra,Shashi Kapoor,Rishi Kapoor,Anil Kapoor,Sanjay Dutt etc to name a few.

Kishore Kumar is a person who created a record for getting eight filmfare awards for best male playback singer for the songs including Roop Tera Mastana, Hazaar Raahein Mudke Dekhin, Page Ghunghru, Hamein Tumse Pyar Kitna, Dil Aisa Kisi Ne, Khaike Paan, Manzilein Apni Jagah Hain and Saagar Kinare. He married four times due to some of the mishappeinings consistently in his marrital life out of whom Madhubala, Yogita Baali and Leena Chandravarkar were leading actresses of his time.His first wife named Ruma was a well known Bengali actress and singer. His musical life was going nicely when he sang for Mr.India(1987) in the song Kaate nahi katte hain din ye raat and Guru Guru (last song of his life) in the film Guru. But unfortunately, an unexpected dark day came on 13th October,1987 when at the age of 58 years, he suddenly got Heart Attack and this legend told ALWIDA to the entire world.

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