Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), a name which gives a unique recognition to the people of India by providing them the name and fame all over the country.Examination for UPSC is conducted once in a year and is composed of several stages including Prelims, Mains and Interview. After successfully passing each and every stages,the candidates are sent for training as per their positions secured in the exams. Training of the successful candidates are organized in different parts of our country according to their ranks. Finally, posting procedures are made for the officers and they are allotted different places all over the India to rule over any specific departments and perform themselves as fine as possible.

Strategey for Civil Services Preliminary exams :--

According to the decision of Government of India,there shall be change in the pattern and the syllabus of Preliminary exams from 2011.The Preliminary examination will comprise of two compulsory papers of 200 marks each and each of two hours duration.Hence,such a pattern of question is very much different from the previous pattern of questions which had one optional subject paper alongwith the General Studies paper.The candidates preparing for the UPSC exams can get much more relaxed in the sense that the requirement of studying an optional subject in the Prelims has been removed.But,still then,they will have to be mentally prepared for the fact that after the successfully passing the Prelims,they will have to appear and obtain the necessary passing marks for two of the optional papers for UPSC Mains examination. Hence,maintaining the proper equilibrium in between the Prelims and the Mains examination will be a challenging task for them.
Modifications made in the new syllabus for Civil Services Preliminary examination has more focus on General Studies and the revision of Mathematics learned at the secondary school level which requires ultimately a prebuilded approach of preparation and a consistent habit of reading, writing and revision.

New Syllabus and pattern of Peliminary Examination is noted as below:--

Paper 1 : 200 Marks | Duration : 2 hours

Current Events of National and International importance
History of India and Indian National Movement
Indian and World Geography
Indian Polity and Governance
Economic and Social development
General issues on Environmental Ecology
General Science

Paper 2 : 200 Marks | Duration : 2 hours

Interpersonal skills including Communication skills
Logical reasoning and Analytical ability.
Decision making and Problem solving.
General mental ability.
Basic numeracy including Numbers and their relations,orders of magnitude, Data interpretation etc.
English language comprehension skills including passages from English languages.

The pattern of questions will of Objective type i.e. Multiple choice questions.

To sum up, it can be made clear that the modifications in the scheme of examination of UPSC will definitely change the way of preparation of the aspirants preparing for the exams. More smarter and nicer will be the way of preparation, more chances will be there to get candidates qualified in the most prestigious Civil Services Examinations. Best of luck.

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